I want a forever homeBella
Bella is a great cat in all white, surrendered to the pound for reason unknown. Bella had a spot of cancer on her nose which has now been frozen and provided she gets a home as an inside cat the cancer will not spread. Her poor teeth needed attending too but with all this done, Bella has high hopes finding herself a home where she will be a forever cat, never to be abandoned again. M/C 956000002269371

Bella is proudly sponsored by Marty and Mary, cats Max, Pepsi, Moe and Munster

I want a forever homeCasper
Casper is a lovely semi long haired boy. He can be a bit touchy with the male cats he shares with but seems to be fine with the girls. He is also fine with dogs, at least my dog Eddie. Casper needs an inside home due to his pale complexion but then all cats should be secure I I had my way. Cats that live inside don’t risk traffic, evil humans with cat traps or poison, no ferocious dogs, no snakes and no other cats infected with the FIV virus. M/C 956000008887653

Casper is proudly sponsored by Jo, Cats, Kids and Co

I want a forever homeMerlin
Merlin, this very handsome and affectionate FIV + boy is up for adoption. Merlin has already made friends with another new comer and the two can often be seen sleeping together in the same bed. Merlin has the virus, yes, but the virus is not active and may never become active. Merlin is just like any other cat, the difference is that we know he has tested positive. How many owned cats have been tested? A FIV + cat needs to be confined but so should all cats be anyway, the free roaming days are over and I agree as cats actually live longer when not having to battle traffic, dogs, foxes, humans with evil intent, snakes, you name it. Read up on FIV, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these for some reason so very affectionate cats. M/C 956000005409096.

Merlin is proudly sponsored by Marg and Gabe and Molly the cat. In memory of Daicos

I want a forever homeGinger Girl
Ginger Girl comes from a hoarder, every single cat from that place was ginger but for one who was a grey tortie. Ginger Girl is exceptional beautiful but she his timid, very shy of people. Ginger Girl and one of her siblings would be perfect as a stable/shed cat but arrangements to have the cats locked up initially must be in place as cats are territorial and will try to get back to their old haunts. Some of theses cats have already moved on and have proved to be very efficient in keeping stables rodent free. M/C 956000004468262

Ginger Girl is proudly sponsored by Wendy

I want a forever homeBrad
Brad, well, Brad is Brad. Brad will suit a place where he has plenty of room to roam. No people wanting to cuddle him constantly, no other cats, he will though be fine with a dog but no cosy moments with the same. Brad arrived at the Haven skin and bone and with a huge wound on his back which took ages to heal. Because he was so starved he was allowed to eat as much as he wanted, the vollies were instructed to feed him on demand, my fault, because he still thinks he is starving to death every second hour of the day. The boy is rather portly today and despite having saved him from certain death he still gives a bite if I should be lured into thinking he might feel an ounce of gratitude. A pat here and there is all he wants and then to be allowed to be a free spirit. M/C 956000004115051

Brad is proudly sponsored by Jill (who was bitten) and her pets

I want a forever homeJacki
Jacki, a tad timid, she wants to but hasn’t yet got there. A home would be the perfect solution for Jacki to find her confidence and start living as a happy cat. This cat has a lot of potential and she is beautiful as well. So far she hasn’t shown any aggression towards her fellow inmates nor does she seem to worry about Eddie Dog when he comes visiting. M/C 956000005421762

Jacki is proudly sponsored by Jane, Pippin, Ruben & havenite Ruthie in loving memory of Molly

I want a forever homePolly
Polly is a young white cat and she would prefer a home without any other felines. Polly also needs to be strictly inside due to her colouring, she will be very prone to cancer on the ears and nose. M/C 956000004878367.

Polly is proudly sponsored by Susie and Terry, cat Trim and former Havenites Jessica/Molly, Dudley & Toby, Lily & Ingi in memory of Max

I want a forever homeHeath
Heath, young and I think deaf or at least very selective hearing. Heath has settled in nicely after having found his ranking order in Philadelphia, my FIV enclosure. Yes, Heath is positive to the virus but this doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest and unlike humans he doesn’t know hence he acts just like any other cat. Heath has of course been a free roaming cat and hence he contracted the virus. FIV is no death sentence at all. Good care, inside home, worming, vaccinations and the really good news are that the cats themselves are not aware of carrying the virus. Please, google FIV in cats and come and adopt a couple of the positive ones, they are all adorable. FIV is the same virus as HIV but cannot be transmitted to any other species M/C 956000005382673

Heath is proudly sponsored by Kim and her cat Tobey

I want a forever homeNina
Nina came with three little boys, all rehomed but mum remains. Nina is a td shy but still puts up with a pat and a kind word. Nina’s life hasn’t been easy so she is forgiven for not jumping in people’s arms at first sight. Still she is a great cat with huge potential. M/C 956000004890542.

Nina is proudly sponsored by Diana and Luke, in loving memory of Mitsu

I want a forever homeAlexanda
Alexandra once a feral little mama cat that has learnt that humans can be nice. She is still a tad shy but she loves her pats. Alexandra is dog and cat friendly. M/C 956000003416521.

Alexandra is proudly sponsored by Liza, Ariene and Graham Herschell.

I want a forever homeSamii
Samii, a lovely little girl in tortie/tabby. Samii was a bit scruffy looking when she arrived but this is all in the past and she is more than ready for a new home. M/C 956000008392539

Samii is proudly sponsored by Lillian, Adrian & former havenite Mario

I want a forever homeDexter
Dexter is a young cat that was diagnosed as being positive to the aids virus. FIV is no big deal in itself, good care as any cat should have, inside home or with an enclosure. Vet visits twice a year as the immune system in a positive cat is compromised. Dexter unfortunately has got a bad ulcer in his eye and is under going treatment, severe treatment, as we don’t want to have to take the eye out if we don’t have to. Dexter is the sweetest guy around and once we know about his eye he will be very eager for a home. Please, google FIV in cats and take the stigma out of it.

M/C 956000005419229 Dexter is proudly sponsored by Bec, her cats Rosie and Beetle

I want a forever homeJeddah
Jeddah an all black beauty has many of her siblings and cousins here but Jeddah was the only one having young ones at foot upon arrival. Jeddah is timid but once she knows you is a darling. She comes from a hoarding situation, not having been ill treated in any way but things got out of hand. Jeddah has now found homes for all her babies and would dearly love to find one herself. A bit of patience with this beautiful cat and she will blossom into a devoted companion. M/C 956000005573637

Jeddah is proudly sponsored by Stella and her pets from Hoppers Crossing

I want a forever homeJoel
Joel was caught in a trap as his nose shows. He is a gentle cat, only a bit overcome having lost his home and ended up in a shelter. Things will be fine, Joel, I will never let you go to anyone like your first owners. You and all the cats I have will face a much brighter future than what you had. M/C 956000005573716

Joel is proudly sponsored by Nicole in memory of Mervis.

I want a forever homeTonia
Tonia, young sweet little girl that grew up on a farm. Tonia spent her kitten hood as a shelter cat and now is the question, will she spend her entire life as a shelter cat? Tonia has everything going for her, she is beautiful, she is playful, she is very used to other cats and dogs and she is tabby. M/C 956000004056959

Tonia is proudly sponsored by as a birthday gift to Carla from her sister Sonya
I want a forever homeNellie
Nellie arrived with little ones in tow, rescued by a kind man from an industrial estate. Nellie had only been handled and fed by men so wasn’t quite sure about all these women she suddenly was surrounded by. She has accepted us now, we do after all feed her. Nellie though turned out to be FIV positive while all her kittens are negative. This little mama cat deserves a home so badly. FIV is not a death sentence in any way and I do adopt out rather a few of these lovely cats. Remember that we know that Nellie is positive, she doesn’t, but what says that a negative cat wont develop an illness, that something we don’t know. Google FIV, educate yourself and every single adopter who has taken in a positive cat just love them, they are for some reason so people orientated. M/C 956000004496002.

Nellie is proudly sponsored by Genevieve, Jules, Harry and in memory of Ken


I want a forever homeMiriam
Miriam, has been here long enough, she is related to a few of the other cats in the Pucka’s enclosure. She is a beautiful cat but doesn’t sell herself. Miriam is used to dogs and gets on well with her fellow felines. M/C956000003405570.

Miriam is proudly sponsored by Robyn and havenites Alice Jane and Cinders

I want a forever homeJessica
Jessica, this beautiful mama cat, will soon be ready to find a home herself with or without one or two of her off spring. Jessica is not keen on other cats but she is very keen on humans and if they have food to offer her love knows no boundaries. M/C to be displayed when Jessica has been de-sexed.

Jessica is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Alyssa, Tara & cat Bella

I want a forever homeJustin
Justin, a young lad, is very sweet like most positive cats. He has a good friend in one of the other new boys, being washed and being allowed to curl up in bed with him. It is so sweet to see how Justin’s friend looks after him. Justin has of course been a free roaming cat and hence he contracted the virus. FIV is no death sentence at all. Good care, inside home, worming, vaccinations and the really good news are that the cats themselves are not aware of carrying the virus. Please, google FIV in cats and come and adopt a couple of the positive ones, they are all adorable. FIV is the same virus as HIV but cannot be transmitted to any other specie. .M/C 956000005413338.

Justin is proudly sponsored by Susie and Terry, cat Trim and former Havenites Jessica/Molly, Dudley & Toby, Lily & Ingi in memory of Max

I want a forever homeFreddy
Freddy is another one of the hoarder cats that arrived last winter. He is a tiiny bit weary but when given a chance he loves his cuddles. Freddy is very used to other cats and dogs, being a tabby helps of course, they are kind of special. M/C 956000004377054.

Freddy is proudly sponsored by Liz, her three cats and dog.

I want a forever homeTamika
Tamika is a very friendly cat and she goes well with other cats being young herself. Tamika is fine with dogs and I think she is on the lookout for a family but a single person wanting this beauty will do perfectly well too. M/C 956000005403807 Tamika is proudly sponsored by Robyn, Clive, dog Molly and Havenite Anthony.

Tamika is proudly sponsored by Robyn, Clive, dog Molly and Havenite Anthony.

I want a forever homeDolph
Dolph is a young cat and he has been so funny. Dolph arrived with his three siblings from the pound as juveniles. Brothers and sister were quickly re homed but Dolph insisted on being very elusive, ‘don’t touch me, I hate you’ behaviour. Then the time came for Dolph to move out to an enclosure and to muy surprise, who came up to me asking for cuddles. If ever there was a reformed character it would have to be Dolph. Dolph is very used to other cats and dogs.M/C 956000004056584.

Dolph is proudly sponsored by Karen and her cat Lucy.

I want a forever homeBanjo
Banjo has had a hard time getting used to shelter life but he is coming around. It just takes some a bit longer for some cats to realise that kindness and looking after is the key when you run a shelter and many volunteers that offer cuddles. Banjo can have a great future ahead of him if only he dares trust people he hasn’t seen before. M/C 956000004321525.

Banjo proudly sponsored by Jen and Troy, cats Gizzy and Jet

I want a forever homeErling III
Erling the III. Erling is so very affectionate, you can see him watching out for a pat and a cuddle and one can’t help but to love him. He needs to be protected from the sun with his white colouring but who wouldn’t love to have this cat on the couch of a night time watching TV together? M/C 956000004475749.

Erling is proudly sponsored by Lynne and Björn Hestdal in memory of Erling, the Norwegian man who loved cats.

I want a forever homeRalph
Ralph a little boy that is so very shy. He is the prettiest teenager around but will need a lot of handling to overcome his fear of humans. Once he has learnt to trust his owner a cat like Ralph will be the most devoted feline but still remain scared of other humans. M/C 956000004369081.

Ralph is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Fiona, Tara, Mikayla and the cats

I want a forever homeWatkins
Watkins is a cat that would be very suitable on a farm. He likes the indoors too but would like to be able to walk around in nature, keeping a stable free of mice, accepting a cuddle from his owner and in general laze about being a cat. M/C 956000001357114.

Watkins is proudly sponsored by Laurinda

I want a forever homeEdgar
Edgar arrived as a street cat and has he put some weight on! He is a delightful fella, likes to take it easy, often sunning himself because he really shouldn’t. He would like a home where all comforts are to be had, he has had enough of rough living. M/C 956000004357161.

Edgar is proudly sponsored by Cheryl, in memory of Zena and Puss.

I want a forever homeEvan
Evan is a big strong cat, arrived with abscesses and very beaten up from the pound and of course he is FIV positive. He pretends he is this macho guy but pat him and he starts purring. Evan is named after the ranger that saved his life. Please google FIV in cats, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of the FIV cats out of Philadelphia. These cats don’t know they carry the virus, don’t act differently from other cats but they must be confined and as a rule they are such people pleasurers. M/C 9560000043452430.

Evan is proudly sponsored by Drea, and cats Kola, Coco, Diva and Dante in memory of my late husband Trevor

I want a forever homeMoberg
Moberg, what ever happened to him? I have three very look a likes and they arrived within weeks of one another. Moberg loves affection but he is not a happy boy, he can’t understand why everything was taken away from him and he just wants someone to love and care for him. M/C 956000004351401

Moberg is proudly sponsored by Damian and Jennie in memory of Wuzza and St John.

I want a forever homeEbony
Ebony is black as the night and very beautiful. Ebony has got sisters and brothers here as they are all from a hoarder so I can easily state she gets on well with cats and she is fine with dogs. Only young and she would love to find out what it means living in a real house with her owner. M/C 956000004322950

Ebony is proudly sponsored by Suzanne and furbabies Pippi Longstocking, Monkey Magic, Henry, Winter and FIV Positive Casper in memory of Cheeky, Weedlebee and Felix.

I want a forever homeFreya
Freya beautiful girl in tabby and yet another hoarder cat. These cats have not been treated badly but they were left to breed left right and centre and the situation got out of hand M/C 956000004349037

Freya is proudly sponsored by Cheryl in memory of Cain, who loved cats.

I want a forever homeKelly
Kelly, named after her veterinarian as both are sweet. Kellie is not too keen on others of her specie but she does likes humans, she does like raw chicken necks and she prefers a fish diet. Has anyone got room for a Kelly cat? M/C 956000004244576

Kelly is proudly sponsored by Saskia and cat Pearl.

I want a forever homeWally
Wally is a young street cat in dire need of a home. Wally had a badly injured tail which I had amputated and a tooth that needed to come out. What happened to this little cat no one knows but he is skin and bone, he is FIV positive, he has had such an awful life up till now and only one thing can make it 100%; a home. Please consider changing the world for this helpless little cat, he has done nothing wrong. M/C 956000004369013

Wally is proudly sponsored by Ros, Dylan and Alvin


I want a forever homeTurbo
Turbo is a brother to Diesel but the two don’t have to go together, they are not particularly close. Turbo is a bit more outgoing and used to other cats as he is also a hoarder cat. Diesel has also been vaccinated against the FIV virus. M/C 956000004449178.

Turbo is proudly sponsored by Diana and her two havenites Texas and Paulette

I want a forever homeGarfield
Garfield, a street cat and he is big. Garfield has been living on and off with people but was never owned and loved as a cat should be. His life hasn’t been easy, he is used to wide open spaces and I can see him on a country property because I don’t think this cat will settle being confined to the great indoors at all times. He loves being groomed, doesn’t want to much picking up and cuddle but he wants pats and he needs patience, not all have been kind to him. Still he is one great cat and a favourite with the vollies. M/C 956000008306804.

Garfield is proudly sponsored by Dakota and her cats.
I want a forever homeMacca
Macca, another unhappy soul. His owner didn’t want him any longer so he was surrendered to a pound but got out alive. Macca is very sweet and he would love a home where he can start out as the first cat, he has expressed interest in getting a little sister later after he has settled in with his new family. M/C 982000361973358.

Macca is proudly sponsored by Christine, and cats Teddy Sebastien, Molly and Cheeky.

I want a forever homeEmz
Emz a darling of a cat now that she has accepted that humans can be trusted, that they bring food and cuddles. Emz doesn’t like much to be picked up as she hasn’t have much to do with true affection but she wants to be with you. She is fine with dogs but there is often a but; Emz is FIV Positive. A positive cat should live indoors only or with an enclosure. She can live with other positive cats, she comes from a large cat family, or cats vaccinated against the virus. Google FIV and take the stigma out of it. The difference btw a cat with a known condition is that we know they have it. Any cat, any living being, can come down with an cancer eg. M/C 956000004581011.

Emz is proudly sponsored by Louisa

I want a forever homeBattersby
Battersby lovely young male. He has a way of looking at you as to say; come over here and give me a cuddle, and of course one does just that. He is a settled cat and would suit a family well. M/C 956000004736739.

Battersby is proudly sponsored by Sonia, Ari, Marti and Todd.

I want a forever homePenny
Penny, she is a mother, she is timid but has got so much potential. Penny was turfed out of her home because she had kittens but a nice lady started feeding her and alerted me to her plight. Penny has got food on tap now a days and boy, can she put away her tucker. M/C 956000004068909.

Penny is proudly sponsored by Lee, Greg, cat Precious and ex Havenite Pili, renamed Angel
I want a forever homeDan
Dan, my long legged boy. He was not happy coming to a shelter but has settled beautifully. He would be best as someone’s only cat, one can always add a kitten later but then again not everyone wants ten cats or more. Dan is fine with dogs. M/C 956000004118485.

Dan is proudly sponsored by Johannes, Fabian, cats Anna and Havenite Leo/Garnet.

I want a forever homeMarco
Marco a big strong gentle cat. He was abandoned by his owner, given food and shelter by a kind lady but she couldn’t keep him as her cat so did the second best thing, took him to the Haven and here he will stay till someone falls heads over heals for this handsome chap. M/C 956000003434253.

Marco is proudly sponsored by Karen, cats Dusty and Sophie and the two tabby brothers; and also by Aimme and cats Tasha and Mitsy.

I want a forever homeJason
Jason was wandering the streets for some time till finally picked up and brought to safety. It is a harsh world out there. He could so easily have been set upon by dogs, foxes, cars, humans with evil intent or FIV positive cats. Now he luckily escaped all this and is available for adoption. Jason is fine with dogs. M/C 956000003435630.

Jason is proudly sponsored by Jamie and cat Elmo

I want a forever homeRusella
Russella is such a sweet little cat. She was clever enough not to go into a trap when her siblings all did and was consequently destroyed. Russella instead hid and only emerged when the rangers had left and was ever since cared for by a kind man and his fellow workers. Then Russella had kittens and help was needed. Amongst pallets and rubble we picked the kittens up with mum and they were all taken to the Haven. The kittens, beautiful and affectionate as they were, were soon snapped up and Russella remains as most of the mothers do. Please, someone come and meet this cat, she will be the gem in your house. M/C 956000004084201.

Russella is proudly sponsored by Nicky, Havenites Lewis, Robbie, Babette and Spencer in memory of Harvey.

I want a forever homeElliott
Elliott, this handsome boy has had some bad encounter with what we think might be a dog. One of his front legs has been badly bitten and Elliott is limping. Still he is such an affectionate cat and loves his food. I can’t of course say yet how he is with other animals as Elliott is still recovering, M/C 956000004314438.

Elliott is proudly sponsored by Julie, Kevin, cat Mollyand havenite Ninya now Bobbie.

I want a forever homeXena
Xena is a beautifully settled cat. Her first owner had to give her up due to a terminal illness, her second owner turned out to be allergic and so Xena ended up at the Haven. She is very affectionate cat, has always lived as an inside single cat so is not too fond of others of her kind. She loves cuddles and is very playful. M/C 956000001483528.

Xena is proudly sponsored by Koriana Park

I want a forever homeLorna
Lorna, poor little scared cat. She looks like she has had a very hard life. We can change her life towards something much better, Scared cats will blossom when they feel secure, loved and taken care of. I have numerous examples of this if only a good hearted human will make the effort. Sadly though most people want the outgoing purring cats and the ones that really need some TLC are over looked. M/C 956000004092124.

Lorna is proudly sponsored by Rae, cats Muscles, Dee & Coco. In memory of Buzz & Squiz.

I want a forever homeShane
Shane is a young man born on a farm with his siblings to stray parents. Shane is a tad timid but his dream in life is to become a lap cat and he has got lots of potential being a tabby boy with beautiful white markings. He is very used to dogs and other cats. Maybe adopt Shane and one of his brothers. M/C 956000003158922.

Shane is proudly sponsored by Lynda and Darren, havenites Gigi and Leila in memory of Rascal.

I want a forever homeJona
Jona a little boy that travelled from far away in order to get to live. Jona was scared upon arrival, still is a bit but by golly does he wants to be a lap cat given the chance. Jona has always lived with other cats and is very used to dogs. M/C 900012001088468.

Jona is proudly sponsored Isobel is sponsored by Bernadette, Mike and former Havenite Cameron.

I want a forever homeSeamus
Seamus is a young man born on a farm with his siblings to stray parents. Seamus is a tad timid but his dream in life is to become a lap cat and he has got lots of potential being a black boy with beautiful white markings. He is very used to dogs and other cats. Maybe adopt Seamus and one of his brothers. M/C 956000002963001.

Seamus is proudly sponsored by Larissa in Sydney.

I want a forever homeTiger Lily
Tiger Lily is the first mum this season. She is a street cat but has got loads of potential when not cornered. My bet is that with handling Tiger Lily will become a very settled cat once her kitten rearing days are over. She may not want to be picked up and cuddled all day long but she wants to be a people cat. Tiger Lily is not yet de-sexed nor chipped as she is still rearing babies.

Tiger Lily is proudly sponsored by Ben and Felicia and cat Kira.

I want a forever homeHelen
Helen has spent a couple of years at the Haven. She is not one for selling herself and is constantly over looked. Helen goes well with other cats and is not afraid of dogs. Anyone prepared to cahnge her life? M/C 956000001450835.

Helen is proudly sponsored by Sue from the ACT.

Helen is also proudly sponsored by Lauren S.

I want a forever homeBootsie
Bootsie is a Memory Cat and wears his name to honour a much loved cat called Bootsie. My Bootsie is unfortunately rather timid but he has a lot of loving in him. Time needs to be spent on him, time needs to be given to him and he will blossom, becoming the lap cat. Bootie is very comfortable with dogs and other cats. Please, consider changing his life, don’t let him die a shelter cat, he is only very young. M/C 956000003142563.

Bootsie is proudly sponsored by Chriss, Jamie and havenite Lyra/Dorothy.
I want a forever homePiggelina
Piggelina approached a farm asking for food and shelter and it was offered to her but she needed to be de-sexed. Unfortunately she was found to be FIV positive upon testing and Pigelina made the Haven her home. She is one sweet cat, always ready for some time one to one, cuddling and food her favourites. FIV is a virus, same as HIV but can not be transferred to either humans or dogs, only btw cats.Please read up on FIV and consider giving one of them a home. Piggelina will be a strong M/C 956000003653113.

Piggelina is proudly sponsored by Wanda in memory of ZuZu San and Ellie.

I want a forever homePinny
Pinny is no spring chicken but still very much alive and kicking. This older cat has walked the neighbourhood looking for her owners that didn’t want her any longer. Pinny may come across as being un friendly to begin with but once she knows her humans she is one very sweet lady, she has after all no reason to trust the first person she meets.. M/C 956000003038686.

Pinny is proudly sponsored by Min and her three havenites Mimi, FIV cats John John and Ozzy

I want a forever homeMarilyn
Marilyn beautiful little calico. This little cat arrived with many of her relatives to find sanctuary at the Haven after her owner passed away not having arranged for the cats to be taken care of in case something happened. The poor cats were discouraged by neighbours when they went in search of food by having rocks thrown at them till one kindly lady took pity on them and took then to safety. M/C 956000003408808.

Marilyn is proudly sponsored by Tina & Tony, cats Gismo, Pearl, Bonnie and Solly.

I want a forever homeFrost
Frost, young and beautiful. Frost has had kittens but they are gone into great homes and only mum remains. Frost would prefer to start out as the only cat, she will accept a kitten later but right now all this little feline wants is a warm, caring home. M/C 956000002492154.

Frost is proudly sponsored by Rhoda, Simon, Liam, cats Sasha, Marley, Ziva and Kylar

I want a forever homePushka
Pushka, a cat that hasn’t stopped purring. This little cat was found walking the streets, very ill and in dire net of some serious medical attention. Owners, please, don’t move leaving your cat behind thinking she will be fine, she will not, Pushka is a perfect example. She needs an inside home because of her colouring and as far as I cn determine she also needs to be in a single at household but a lovelier cat is hard to find. M/C 900012000588582.

Pushka is proudly sponsored by Pushka is proudly sponsored by Sharon, Dougal, ex havenites Felix and Fergie.

I want a forever homeSerena
Serena, young and beautiful in a short haired coat and rather playful. She is a lovely little girl but does not like being a shelter cat, far too many other cats to compete with when it comes to cuddles. Superb little cat in any situation. M/C 956000003400711.

Serena is proudly sponsored by Margaret and former Havenite Richard

I want a forever homeSerafina
Serafina arrived with four kittens, all full of fleas and in a sorry state but nothing a worm tablet, some flea treatment and good food can’t fix. Serafina herself is very sweet as are the kits, they have been fed by some neighbours and other neighbours have been throwing rocks at the little family. They are all safe now and Serafina will be micro chipped and de-sexed as soon as she feels a bit better.

Serafina is proudly sponsored by Odette and her cat Urzsulla as a birthday gift.

I want a forever homeHenry & Elke
Henry and Elke didn’t know one another till they came to the Haven but have formed a strong bond. Henry looks after his girl friend because she is a tad scared of the world in general but very sweet despite this. Henry is the braver of the two and never says no to a cuddle. Both cats found themselves on the streets when they became juveniles and I sincerely hope there is someone out there that can bring a sparkle back into their eyes. M/C 900012000373342 M/C 900012000260097

Henry is proudly sponsored by Alicia and cat Cadbury.
Elke is proudly sponsored by Anthony and Joy, cats Opal and Ashlee.

I want a forever homeLarry
Larry is a darling cat in grey tabby, semi long haired. He is affectionate, he loves his food, he is OK with dogs but unfortunately her turned out to be FIV + when he was de-sexed. FIV cats are just like any other cat but they must be confined and not be let to roam as they can then spread the virus via saliva through biting. They can happily co exist with other FIV cats or cats that are vaccinated against the virus. FIV can not spread to humans, dogs, rabbits only to other cats. Please google FIV and take the stigma out of it because as a rule they are very people oriented cats. M/C 900012000373363

Larry is proudly sponsored by Sinead and havenites Tiffany and FIV+ Andrew/Opie.

I want a forever homePya
Pya is a little rotund cat with a very short tail and a semi long haired coat. She is a little shy but get hold of her and she enjoys a cuddle. She doesn’t come from the best of homes judging by the state she was in upon arrival but things can change, miracles have happened and will do so again. M/C 956000002958988

Pya is proudly sponsored by Celeste and Henry, cats Sally, Darryl, Babe, Hannes and Tico.

I want a forever homeFergie
Fergie is young and very shy but still she is a happy little soul and she has got this habit of carrying her tail along her back. Fergie is dog and cat friendly, humans need to convince her of their intest before she will fully trust them. M/C 956000003250371

Fergie is proudly sponsored by Julia and David.

Amalia was due for the green dream because her owner couldn’t be bothered to take her with her when she moved. Why should she have to die because she was taken in on a whim as a kitten? Cats can easily live to 18–20 years old and they are meant to be forever. Amalia is one nice cat, easy going and cuddly once she has made sure the human is trustworthy. M/C 956000001417376

Amalia is proudly sponsored byChloe and diva cat Kimmy and former Havenite Cloud.
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Beatrice is a middle aged cat that has finally overcome her shyness towards humans. She is a cat that will roll in front of your feet to let you know you are acceptable to her. She has lived with other cats all her life and she is used to dogs. The change in this little feline is absolutely heart warming. M/C 956000000668235

Beatrice is proudly sponsored by Liberty and her family

Jana comes in tabby/tortie. She is a shy cat that was surrendered by a local lady together with another five adults and numerous kittens. Jana has lived in a house kind of so with handling she will become a worthy member of society. Anyone interested in giving this little feline a home? M/C 956000001446008.

Jana is proudly sponsored by Harriet, Andy, FIV cats Doug, Max and former Havenite Erick.


llan, Griselda now lives in Essendon, Melbourne, with her mum and dad ... and her best friend, a beagle.

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