I want a forever homeRoss
Ross, note he is a tabby, tabbies have so much to give and are such people cats given the opportunity. Ross needs to build his confidence up, he needs to learn that some people can be very nice and loving. Will you be the one to turn Ross into a confident, he is already loving but insecure, lapcat? M/C 956000008669523.

Ross is proudly sponsored by Paula, cats Pattie, George and Myfanwy.

I want a forever homeFerguson
Ferguson is a young boy, he is a scardy cat but with handling there’s hope for even such a little rascal as Ferguson. Ferguson is very used to other cats and has no problem with dogs. He only needs assurance that people can be nice and that a cuddle is something to cuddle into not strain away from. M/C 956000003259387.

Ferguson is proudly sponsored by Roslyn and Lindsey, former Havenites Ginny and Tess.

I want a forever homeBeckham
Beckham is black and in this case it was an unlucky colour for him as he turned out to be FIV positive when tested. FIV is not a death sentence in any way, well, it can be if you end up with the wrong veterinarian, the wrong shelter but Beckham is at the Haven and will be safe till the day he either finds a home or dies of natural causes. Please google FIV, take the stigma out of it. FIV cats should be kept confined so as not to spread the disease, other cats in the house hold can be vaccinated, good food, check ups, worming and vaccinations up to scratch and again please, google. FIV can’t be transferred to humans, only to other cats if not vaccinated. M/C 956000008902084

Beckham is proudly sponsored by Katie & Anthony in memory of Amy .

Pamela, this cat has been at the Haven for a number of years now. Pamela is looking for a forever home, a home is something she has a distant memory of and I would dearly love someone to jog that memory. This time there is no need to turf her out because she is pregnant and needs help, Pamela is spayed and will be a lovely companion to a decent person. M/C 956000001613944

Pamela is proudly sponsored by Marie and Havenite Morris.

I want a forever homeJulia
Julia is a pretty young girl but a tad timid. She hasn’t worked out yet that everyone on two legs around her at the Haven is actually very cat friendly and it makes me wonder why she is scared of humans. Get hold of her though and she relaxes. She will be an asset to anyne who gives her confidence back. M/C 956000008644413.

Julia is proudly sponsored by Catherine and Justin, and cats Omah, Tula and Ned.

I want a forever homeBoppa
Boppa is little and scared, she comes from the streets and has done it tough and still there’s no mean bone in her little body. She loves being picked up and hel tightly and she loves being warm, having spent the entire winter as a street cat eating out of a dumpster. M/C 956000002964350.

Boppa is proudly sponsored by Graham, Carlee, cats Daisy and Willamina.

I want a forever homeFlossy
Flossy, she can talk this one. Flossy is deaf and with her white complexion must live as an inside cat. She is very charming but doesn’t get on too well with other cats unless she is properly introduced and given space for the first few weeks. M/C 956000008647606.

Flossy is proudly sponsored by Linda, Dave & Luckie.

I want a forever homeLynda
Lynda, she is young, she is beautiful, she is full of energy. She might not like to be picked up much but she wants to sit next to you for a pat while she catches her breath before running off again to chase those imaginary mice and rats. Lynda goes very well with other cats and dogs. M/C 956000008913388.

Lynda is proudly sponsored by Rachel, in memory of ginger/white Cinnamon.

I want a forever homeKrystle
DKrystle is a little shy cat in grey/white with a short coat. She is making progress though and wants pats but is not really sure if it is safe. It is safe, Krystle, and being here at the Haven you are safe and we are looking for one great, loving and ever lasting home for you. Someone will come and you will be happy and able to forget your past.

Krystle is proudly sponsored by
Krystle in memory of her beloved cat Sting.
I want a forever homeOsborne
Osborne is a young chap, very sweet. He wants a home before the winter chill sets in, please, pretty please. M/C 956000008847451.

Osborne is proudly sponsored by Deedee, Kyle, furbabies Apple, Kabuki and Suri.

I want a forever homeMandala
Mandala was abandoned by her owner as they all are but Mandala has a few years on her neck and has not taken well to being dumped. It is very difficult for the older cats to make sense out of losing everything. I don’t know why she was dumped but I do know there are no excuses under the sun to desert one’s pet but death and we should all have made arrangement in our wills, with family and friends to have our loved ones looked after in case something happens. Moving house, new boy/girl friend, baby, new dog, can’t afford it, well, it is not good enough and don’t get a pet in the first place They are actually living feeling beings and the grief I see displayed in so many of my cats is heart breaking. MC 956000008847662.

Mandala is proudly sponsored by Romala

I want a forever homeGisela
Gisela, a beautiful little feline in tabby was scared out of her wits coming to a shelter. She is coming around but can’t understand why she is here. What crime did she commit or was it because her owner tired of her as she is not a little fluffy kitten any longer? M/C 956000008295817.

Gisella is proudly sponsored by Karen and former Havenite Mary.

I want a forever homeLucinda
Lucinda came from the pound and was tested for FIV when she was de-sexed and turned out to be positive unfortunately. This is not a cat I would have picked as having the virus and she may have gone un detected for many years. Lucinda is still a juvenile and so sweet and loving. This cat would be perfect as a companion to another aids cat or even a negative cat as long as this other cat is vaccinated against the virus. I had a feeling of doom when I got the news about her. I would hate to see her staying as a shelter cat year in and year out, maybe never finding a home because of ignorence about the virus. Please read up on FIV and I have a question. What would you do if a family member came home and told you he/she has got HIV? These cats can live long healthy lives, the virus may never take hold but if it does, you have given as opposed to take.

Lucinda is proudly sponsored by Brea and her cats.

I want a forever homePaula
Paula is beautiful, she is all white and sports a semi long hair coat which she keeps in excellent condition. She must be an inside cat s she suffers from selective hearing and of course being white. She will tell when she has had enough of cuddles with a nip but watch her body language. M/C 956000002711057.

Paula is proudly sponsored by young Zoe.

I want a forever homeArthur
Arthur is a shy young boy but he has potential if someone only could adopt him. These timid cats become very devoted once they have learnt that the owner can be trusted but remain scaredy cats with other people which is in itself a good thing as they will never walk up to anyone with abuse in their mind. M/C.

A rthur is proudly sponsored by Bec and her nine cats.

Minnie Moo and GregMinnie Moo and Greg
Minnie Moo and her brother Greg were born in a drain, lived in a drain and were caught as kittens. They are still weary of people and no one knows if mum was owned or if she was born in the same drain. They are scared of people but can be approached and their sponsor have taken it on herself to ensure they lack for nothing while at the Haven because I do hope that some day someone will offer them a home and that they will learn to trust, we are not all bad after all. Microchip 956000001521526, microchip 956000001472691.

Minnie Moo and Greg is proudly sponsored by Juliette in memory of all her pets.

Henrik, handsome and affectionate with a small problem. Henrik is a FIV positive cat and it came as a surprise to me as he doesn’t have any of the signs that normally alerts me. He travelled far to find sanctuary at the Haven and as I do have other aids cats he has joined them in the enclosure Philadelphia which unfortunately is rather full now. I found out about his FIV status as I have all my cats tested for it and maybe he was lucky to come here as his future might have been doubtful otherwise. Henrik and all the others are lovely affectionate cats but they must live inside, negative cats in the household need to be vaccinated against it or he can live with another positive cat. Feline aids is the same kind of virus that humans can get but it can not spread between species. It affects the immune system but at the same time the virus may never take hold and FIV positive cats are no different to other cats but they will need to see the vet twice a year, they have to have their vaccinations and worming up to scratch and good quality food to boost their immune system. Please google FIV cats and take the stigma out of it. I have adopted out many FIV cats and every single one has been or is much loved and cherished but it takes guts and a willingness to open one’s heart to someone in dire need of it.

Henrik is proudly sponsored by Lori in memory of much loved Marcus.

Montgomery has a sad story to tell. He got lost, he was beaten up by other cats, he starved, he ended up in the pound and he was found there by his owner and everything was looking up for him till the owner refused to release him from death row because he refused to have Mont de-sexed and micro chipped. Well, Mont got a ride to the Haven where we have Whiskas on tap, he ate two cans a day for the first week plus the dry food and is starting to look fabulous and Mont has tested negative to FIV. He should not be kept with other cats at least not till his hormone level goes down. Keep him fed and he is happy. M/C 956000008853212.

Montgomery is proudly sponsored by Helena, Nich, Havenite Ian, in loving memory of Chelsea.

Babs, this young girl is very timid, but given the chance she can blossom in her own home. These cats may take a fair bit of time to win over but once it has happened no better companion is to be found. Microchip 956000008831020.

Babs is proudly sponosred by
Hayley, Nicholas, Hektor and Ava and former Havenite Johnny

Lolly, along with six other cats were taken from her owner by the council rangers. Lolly like the others has had a full dental, she is a sweet cat, never was mistreated in any way but not fed properly hence her former teeth problem and the cats were left to breed as they were not de-sexed. All this has now changed and Lolly has a whole new future awaiting her and lucky the person(s) who end up with her.

Lolly is proudly sponsored by Diana as a birthday gift to Alice Jane.

Violet is so called because she is shy as one but oh, so pretty. Violet has already been at the Haven for a year but as I hardly saw the poor girl I didn’t want to advertise her. Now she is out and about a bit more and she could do with an understanding owner, she has lived with someone but shelter life has taken a lot out of this girl. I sometimes wish the owners could see their cats, see what they do to them when they abandon them without a second thought. One thing is sure though, Violet will never be abandoned again.

Violet is proudly sponsored by Anji and Kenny Alexander, kids Roxanne, Callum and Andy, and Sharpei Lizzie.  
Wilhelmina a beautiful tabby girl with a semi long haired coat is scared and expects the worst from people. Her brother Wilhelm went into foster care and failed miserably, he made such a turn around his foster mum decided she couldn’t live without him so he stayed as a constantly purring owned cat and the same can happen to little Wilhelmina if someone is only willing to give her that extra time. M/C 956000008272701.

Wilhelmina is proudly sponsored by Heidi and former Havenite Maximillian, in memory of Tery and Cleo.

Mickey is a Memory and needs some handling but grab hold of the boy and a little purr can be heard. He hasn’t had a very good beginning but in a family situation will blossom and become one of the treasures in you home. M/C 956000002713718.

Mickey is proudly sponsored by Ms Charlotte Rose.

Ziggy is a Memory cat and a sister to Mickey and much more timid. Both cats are named after beloved companion animals that have passed away but are waiting for their owners at the Rainbow Bridge. Ziggy is so beautiful but finds it so hard to trust people. Some work needs to be put into this little girl and she will have a future. She is fine with dogs but neither cat should go where there are small children

Ziggy is proudly sponsored by Perrie, Kim and their cats.

Lachlan is a senior cat and I love him because he was such a hard flirt. . His owner was taken in to a home and given the choice which one of his pets the family was going to take in, he opted for the dog. Lachlan and his sister Milo were gotten rid of. Milo found a home fairly soon but Lachlan was scared out of his wits and not until now has he come out of his shell. This cat (male!) needs help with his grooming but he doesn’t mind as long as you don’t pull too hard and he is mighty handsome. I don’t think he will be suitable for children as he takes off when he sees one but a mature stable home will suit him perfectly.

Lachlan is proudly sponsored by Liz Lawton of Perth.

Naboo is a young cat and we haven’t yet decided if he is deaf or not. I think he suffers from selective hearing. There’s nothing wrong with his eyesight though nor his appetite, he lets me know when I am coming with his food that he has been waiting. Being white and possible deaf, he MUST live as a totally indoor cat and for some strange reason, cats that are safe and secure tend to live longer and there are very few cats I have encountered that don’t prefer the great indoors. M/C 956000002536078.

Naboo is proudly sponsored by Marianne, Laura and former Havenite Sebastian. In memory of the Naboo, the beloved white cat.

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

Click here to find out how you can sponsor a cat.  


lla, Vict

Cynthia is a primadonna. Today she lives in Broadford with Bernard, who was also adopted from Ingrid's Haven.

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