Over 250,000 unwanted cats and dogs are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

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The story of Magic

Click here to read this magical happy tail.

Just beautiful

Former Havenite Ian, who has feline AIDS, has found the most wonderful home. Click here on the pic to watch the video on YouTube and see for yourself!

Made for each other

A lovely letter from Hasse and Lasse's new mum. Read more

Sebastian's story

It was a humid night and it didn't help that Sebastian was crammed in a box with all his brothers and sisters... Read more

All about Tab ... and Misty

It takes a special person to adopt an older cat - espcially one with a challenge like blindess. But Tab found a wonderful home... Read all about him, as well as the beatiful Misty, who has since gone to ranbow Bridge. Click here.

A new start

Two cats are especially glad to find a forever home together.

Felix - the jet-setting cat
Read Felix's heartwarming story here.

Moppy and Boomer
Moppy and Boomer
Former Havenite Moppy finds a new best friend in Boomer.

Lester, the computer savvy cat

Lester makes a fine companion for one very happy human.

A couple of cats

"We came to with the intention of only one cat, hadn’t even turned our minds to taking two. We of course left with two and I am SO pleased we did," writes the Dowling family. Read their lovely letter and see more piccies here.

Joining the menagerie

Happy family
"Never just take one kitty home, they really do need company and what’s the difference between one and seven?," writes cat-loving Lynne.
Read her wonderful letter here.

Mims comes out of her shell

Mimes is now Mims and she's come right out of her shell in her new home.

Write Bec and Matt of the new additon to their family: "I think it takes a while to get any cat to trust you, let alone one that had been abandoned. This makes getting one of your shelter cats all the more rewarding when it starts purring and 'talking' to you!"

Read the full letter here.

Second chance for a Golden Oldie

Read Joanne's letter to Ingrid all about Daisy. Click here.

Happiness comes in pairs

Read all about Alex and his new friend. Click here to read more.

A pair of Happy Tails!

Pippa and Penny put pen to paper to tell Ingrid how happpy they are in their new home. Read more...

Golden Oldies rule!

We have adopted 16-year-old Felix and want to thank Ingrid for caring for him until we came along. Felix has so much to give and although quantity of years having him with us, might not be the case, the quality of true love he gives us is priceless and this will be in our heart for ever. We can only encourage other animal lovers to not have fear of taking an golden oldie.
Michelle, Steve & fur balls
December, 2008

The Irish conection


Wait to see which cats choose you”, Ingrid said. The first cats came running towards us as soon as we entered their enclosure. Patrick, on the other hand, only ventured forth briefly from his retreat to sniff our hands.
Click here to read more and see more fantastic photos....

Two Happy Tails

Delightful Baldric and sweet Lily are having a ball in their forever home. Read more...

How to boss the dog around
Renni and Skye
Lawrence, now Renni, has  awonderful new home and is purribgly happy.Red his Happy Tail here.

Happiness is being owned by a cat

Joanathan - now Isaac - really knows how to entertain! Read all about him in his now home here.

Mission Mistletow: A success!
Click here to read about the English cat Misteltoe and how Ingrid helped her to get home.

Out from under the bed
Cameron loves his new humans!

Cameron's new mum sends an email to Ingrid that just shows that if you are just a little patient, an older cat will settle quickly and happily into a new home.
Read more ...

Gary, welcome to the family
No family is truly complete without a pet.

Here's one happy cat ... click here to read all about him.

A new name, a home ... and a homepage!

Hello Ingrid,
Oscar (formerly Rudolph) has been with us for a month now and has fully adjusted to me and Tony. He's our baby and he knows it. He now has his own website so you can see what he's been up to and pictures to boot. There's also background music so you may want to turn the speakers on!
Happy reading! Oscar wants to say hello to his old buddies ... meow!
Oscar's website address is
Arlene and Tony

A picture is worth a thousand words


Butterbaby loves his new home.

Skittles' story

Skittles (formerly Beverley)

People that work in animal rescue don't just want to see their beloved animals find any old home: they want to see their rescues in loving, responsible, permanent homes. Beverley, now re-christened Skittles, found such a home. This one we feel is especially great, because Skittles' human, Mike, gave her the extra time she needed to settle in.
Most rescue cats and dogs will settle in remarkably quickly, but some will need that extra bit of time and patience from you. But as you will read, your efforts will be repaid one thousand-fold ...

To see Mike's email, and some gorgeous videos, click here.

Sallieanne: a star is born


When Channel Nine came to film Ingrid's Haven for the Talk to the Animals program, they created a new celebrity: Sallieanne. This gorgeous girl was seen being rescued by Ingrid from the pound and taken to the Haven, where she was named after one of the show's presenters, Sallianne Deckert. Before the program aired on October 14, a lovely couple spotted Sallieanne - they didn't have to see the show to know that Sallieanne is a star. They already knew.
For more pictures, and to read all about our celebrity cat in her new home, click here.

Peggy drinks up the good life

When she's not relaxing, Peggy likes to drink straight from the tap!

Hi Ingrid,
We thought we would send you some photos of Peggy. She has settled in
really well and loves her new home ... She is a very lovable cat, and can't pass up a cuddle or tummy rub. A very big thank you for letting Peggy come to a loving home, she brightens up our day.
Wendy and Ben



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