Over 250,000 unwanted cats and dogs are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

These are innocent animals, whose original human companions did not take responsibility for them.

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In memory of Larry Holmes and all of the cats that ended their days at the Haven.

Larry Holmes In memory of Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes was middle-aged when he arrived years ago and with TLC became a mellow senior gentleman. He never had a chance at getting a home, having to compete with younger fitter cats. He had also some trauma to his back at some stage in his life and couldn't be picked up by a stranger. Larry Holmes and I though, came to an understanding on how to do this but he prefered to sit next to me with his tongue sticking out.
He was a lovely guy and he changed so much over the years. He arrived spitting and hissing and kept this up for a long time until he became a purry fellow.
The Haven misses you, Larry Holmes.
Many thanks to Caryn and her cats Chelli and Nushka, from Bentleigh, who were Larry Holmes' sponsors.

Mittens In memory of Mittens
I once was called out to come a get a cat, the owner sounded desperate on the phone so I went. Upon arrival there was chaos, four or five kids tearing around like lunatics, too young cats joining in the fun, a screaming mum that couldn’t cope and I was given the choice to take either cat as she only wanted one. I saw immediately that Mittens had already cancer on her ears so grabbed her and left the black one. Mittens was highly strung but a great personality and she eventually found a home but was returned a few years later when the owner moved. Mittens couldn’t cope with losing her home and developed jaundice. She was in hospital for a week and the last day I called the vet told me she wouldn’t make it. Mittens did make it, she came home and I handfed her l/d, poured water into her for six weeks and she hated me. Her brain became slightly affected, she had her moments and approaching her had to be in slow motion. She still kept her high spirits though and god help me if I was late serving her food. Then when I came out to her one day she was on the ground, having suffered a stroke, we went to the same veterinarian that had pulled her through the jaundice but Mittens didn’t make it this time. I feel life was so unfair to this little cat, she had had cancer, she had lost her homes, she suffered jaundice as a result and she died of a stroke at the age of ten. My main feeling is anger, Mittens didn’t deserve all this. Mittens is resting now but she died as a shelter cat. Mittens had friends and we all loved her, her sponsor Pamela, the Saturdays girls, her veterinarian who tried everything and me. I hope this little cat is stealing food from the stove, wrecking pot plants, annoying all the dogs at the Rainbow Bridge just like she used to do in life. I love you Mittens and you are living on in all our hearts.
RIP Mittens, Ingrid

MayaIn memory of Maya
Maya, my dear old Maya. The cancer got you in the end but you fought it bravely and we were all behind you, loving you as only a cat can and should be loved. A cat that was abandoned in her senior years with cancer already showing on the nose and despite all efforts to stop its progress it won in the end. I couldn’t stop the cancer but I could love you, make you feel comfortable, you had all your favourite foods, the soft blankets Susie knitted for you. You had so many friends that always spent time with you, special time because you were so special. When I realised you had had enough, the food wasn’t tasty any longer, you didn’t enjoy the sun I gave you the final gift I can give but Maya that gift broke my heart. I failed to find you a home of your own but I hope you knew how much we all loved and cared for you till the very last moment when you passed over in my arms. RIP Maya.
Your sponsor Liz, your friends Susie, Tania, Helen, Alison, Anne and your mum Ingrid, forever in our hearts.

Tilly In memory of Tilly
My dear old Tilly passed away, it happened so quickly but her friends Tania and Alison had time to say good bye to her, remembering the nips she gave us all so freely. Her veterinarian Carolyn who rescued Tilly from a life in the streets as a tiny kitten tried everything to save her but to no avail and I sat up with her during her last night checking her drip and giving her injections to help with her breathing. Tilly had a home for a brief period when young but unfortunately Miss McKenzie passed away from cancer and I had promised her to take Tilly in if Tilly needed somewhere to go. What I remember most vividly is when I went to the hospital to see Miss McKenzie to tell her Tilly was now with me and I had brought some of Tilly’s fur with me for Miss McKenzie to hold and the old lady sat in her hospital bed and whispered ‘Tilly’ with tears in her eyes. Miss McKenzie died two days later, Tilly never found another home of her own but she was loved and she will have her final rest on my mantel piece. I am sorry Tilly, you should have had your very own human again but it wasn’t to be.
Your mum Ingrid, your sponsor Sue and your friends Tania, Alison, Mel & Lisa, Pucka we all loved you.
RIP, Tilly and I sincerely hope you are reunited with your first mum, Miss McKenzie, again.

Johnny In memory of Johnny
Johnny, my big, big beautiful Johnny Boy. You were yet another one I never could help to a decent life but I do hope your life with me was far better from the one you lead before being picked up by the rangers. When I found out you had aids I already knew no one would take you on but you having the illness was only more reason to love and care for you. You loved your fresh mince, you were always ready for a cuddle and you were so much a cat and above all you were a tabby and it showed through. No one, not even the veterinarian, could tell you had aids. Your coat was shiny, you had a big wonderful body made for cuddles and you used to gaze into my eyes as if saying to me ‘come on, pick me up’ and you purred with your deep rumbling purr. So when I came home from work and you were gone I could not believe it, your body was still warm and my first thought was why you couldn’t have waited for me, for me to tell you again how much I adored you. Nine years you gave me, your death was swift and all I can hope for now is that we will meet up again one day.
RIP Johnny Boy, you are forever in my heart.
Your mum and your sponsor Glen (Japan)

Toulous In memory of Toulous
Toulouse, you came to me three years ago, very old, very sick with kidney failure and cancer. Your face was black from mites and the veterinarian who checked you out said you would have only a few months to live. The cancer was untreatable, your kidneys almost gone and with that sentence I said to her it was more the reason to make those months as good as I possible could for you. Yours months turned into years with medication but I believe it was the love and care you got from my two cats Zoffoff and Stina that really pulled you through.
The two girls cleaned you, they slept on either side of you to keep you warm and the mornings I had a sleep in we all had breakfast in my bed together. So it was to be the last morning as well but you didn’t quite make it, you came running into my bedroom dragging your hind legs behind you, determined to be there. I picked you up and we had one last breakfast though neither of us ate anything. You had suffered a blood clot and the damage was irreversible and you died in my arms a few hours later. Toulouse, you are gone but your spirit and your gentle, wonderful personality will always be with me and you had so many followers, sending me e-mails to ask how you were, they all knew and admired you but your greatest fan was I and I will miss and love you forever. RIP, Toulouse, thank you for making my life richer and for showing me once again not to give up even when the odds are against me.
Your forever mum and your sponsor Larissa.

Sabrina In memory of Sabrina
Sabrina, you were only young when you came to me with your mum Lucky. You were so scared and looked at me with huge eyes, not knowing what was happening having been thrown out of your home. You never quite trusted people but both your sponsor Rebecca and I thought you were one beautiful cat, Rebecca wanting to support you because you reminded her of a cat she once loved, Nim, and I loved you because you needed so badly to be taken care of. But the cancer took hold and after several months it became unbearable for you and I had to make the decision to show you how much I loved you, to give you that last gift however hard it is to do but you were the one important, not my feelings and I could not let you suffer. Sabrina, you had two people who loved you, so many thousands of cats have no one and you will forever live on in our hearts.
Your sponsor Rebecca and your mum Ingrid. RIP

Glennis In memory of Glennis
Glennis, you came to me sick, starved and with only one eye. Even the veterinarian who speyed you said you had had a hard life so what could I do but love you and look after you. It took so long for you to trust me but you learnt your name and when I called you at meal times you came running for your meat and you did let me pat you, sometimes even pick you up for a cuddle. You never found that forever home of your own but I was your forever mum. I knew what was coming these last few months but my grief at finding you asleep in your bed never to wake up again still affected me so badly. For nine years you had a warm bed, plenty to eat and I can only guess at how old you really were and above all I loved you so much.
RIP, Glennis, I will always miss you.

Tiddles In memory of Tiddles
Tiddles, you didn’t stay long with me but you made an imprint on my heart I will always carry with me. You were so underweight, you were so sick but a happier little purrer will be hard to find. We both admired the beautiful cat in the mirror and you used to touch that cat, I wonder what you were thinking when you did so. I hope you are with your owner again and tell her how much everyone who met you loved and admired your spirit.
I certainly did and I miss you so, Tiddles. RIP.

Big Billy In memory of Big Billy
Billy, you are no longer with me, the cancer finally got you. But just as when I first picked you up out of the trap eigth years ago and you purred, you also purred in my arms this final time when the pain had become too great for your wasted body. I loved you then and I kept on loving you and will always do, my only deep, deep regret I never found you a home. I am so sorry, Billy, my Big beautiful Billy. Rest in peace. My thoughts will always be with you.

Alexandra is a cat who loves the great outdoors, and she has now found a home where she can stretch her feline legs.

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