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The Haven is situated just south of Broadford, 30 minutes on the Hume Freeway from the ring road, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne CDB. A scenic trip and a nice cup of tea/coffee upon arrival if you so desire.

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PO Box PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 Victoria
0417 360 700 (please do not text)

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Ingrid & The Cats

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Adopt a purebred moggie
Site updated March 29, 2014

Ingrid's Haven
is a non-profit cat shelter in Victoria, an hour's drive from Melbourne. Come and meet the many cats and kittens available for adoption ... all from death row at the pound, rescued and cared for by Ingrid until new loving homes can be found. All Haven cats and kittens are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Ingrid does not accept surrenders from individuals, see our policy on the About page. Ingrid's Haven is a no-kill shelter.
I presently have a large number of adult cats as well as kittens looking for forever homes.
The Haven is open on Saturdays (Caturday) from 11am to 4pm, or by appoinitment.
Prices: Adult cats $110. Kittens (under 6 months) $150.

Emailed Ingrid and not heard back?
If anyone has emailed Ingrid (especially BigPond users) and has not heard from her within 48 hours, please call 0417 360 700.

The Haven is open on Saturdays (Caturday) from 11am to 4pm, or by appoinitment.

Prices: Adult cats $110. Kittens (under 6 months) $150.

Heartfelt thanks to from Ingrid and the cats Debbie Blackall for her generous donation.

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Pets are not disposable.

Over 250,000 unwanted pets are killed in pounds and shelters in Australia every year, just because they can't find homes.

These are innocent animals, whose original human companions did not take responsibility
for them.

Be part of the solution. Adopt a rescue pet.

Click here to read about Larry Holmes and all the other cats who saw out their days at Ingrid;s Haven.

Sponsor a catIngrid and the cats would like to thank the Robertson, Devagnanam, Reddi and Shaw families for their generous donations. They couldn't pick just one cat to sponsor, so the donation is to help all!
A very generous donation has been made to the Haven in memory of Glenda Boscoe, a lady who loved animals all her life.

GladysLots of kittens looking for love!
The kittens are pouring in, there are so many, so many and all are so beautiful, playful, adorable and must haves. A kitten will grow up to become an adult, a kitten will never be an until cat meaning until it grows up, until you are having a baby, until you have a new partner, until you move, until you think you have something better to do than to look after the cat you once gave a home to, a cat that is totally and utterly at the mercy of its owner. Please, think carefully before you adopt a kitten you may not have any plans of keeping, these little animals pay with their lives if you abandoned them what ever way. Any animal is for life and that means till death do you part. It is really very simple.

Willow, she is absolutely stunning, she gives the best head butts, she is so grateful for every meal you put in front of her, she loves a pat but Willow is FIV +. This was discovered when Willow was de-sexed as all my cats get tested for FIV upon arrival. Willow had two kittens that have been re homed to a lovely new owner who couldn’t care less if the kits come up positive when they are tested at six months of age. FIV is not a death sentence in any way, it is the same virus as the human aids but cannot be transmitted between human and feline. Please, google FIV, educate yourself , take the stigma out of it. OK, the cat will need to see its veterinarian twice a year, worming and vaccinating are essential, good food and the virus may never take hold and of course the cat must be kept confined. Ask yourself what would you do if someone in your family announced they are HIV positive, would you shun them? Would you throw them out of home? Didn’t think so. M/C 956000008910123.956000008834089.

Willow is proudly sponsored by Therese and James, cats Sooty, Kit, Kat, Fergus, Biscuit, Mozart and Savannah, dogs Tayla and Indi

Metella in grey tortoiseshell is a very nice cat indeed. Having been abandoned, having faced death after her pound stay, she is now safe and has a future to look forward to. Metella will be suitable in any situation.

Metella is proudly sponsored by Carmen, in memory of Becky. 

Ian needs your loveRonnie
Ronnie a few years old and the most wonderful cat, really no need to adopt him as I will miss out on him then. We are in love, he is my shadow whenever I am in his enclosure. But Ronnie was very sick a year or so ago. He was tested for everything, his mouth was raw and in the end we put it down to calici virus which will test negative once it is chronic. I ended up having all his teeth removed, it hasn’t affected his smile at all but should he live with other cats these cats must be kept vaccinated as well as Ronnie himself. He eats wet food but also inhales dry food. He is like a new cat and I have a feeling he would be the happiest with an owner all to himself though he gets on well with other felines.

Ronnie is proudly sponsored by Emma, in memory of Zona.
Click here to find out how you can sponsor a cat.
Recently rehomed! For more gallery pics, click here.
I have a home! I have a home! We have a home!
Danielle has a home! Tyra has a home! Tasman has a home! Hillary has a home!
We have a home! I have a home! I have a home!
Millie has a home! Stella has a home! Molly has a home! Kurt has a home!

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Ingrid's Haven, PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 Victoria. Call 0417 360 700.