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Tabby cat

Sweetie pie

Cora, 09-02-15, is another surrender from the pound, why we don't know. She is a sweet girl, loves her fishy food and will let you know when she can see the bottom of her dish. Cora has been well cared for so our guess is that she was given up due to her owner not being able to look after her for some reason. This is why it is so very important to have a back up plan for your pet as families seldom will take over mum's or dad's pet.

These cats come in quick and fast from all over and it breaks our hearts to see them struggling to come to terms with having lost their home. Cora will be well suited to a single cat home, I don't think she is suitable for kids though.

MC 982000363299114

Cora is proudly sponsored by Suzanne & Cats. 



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