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Tortoiseshell and white cat

Looking for mousing work

Debbie, 20/04/21, comes from a hoarding situation. We manage to desex almost all the cats and they have gone on to being working cats. This is something Debbie also would like to do, she is not overly fond of people but will happily work as a mouser in return for food and shelter. In time she may well become attached to her feeder but she is a free spirit and hopes her prospective owner will respect this.

While on the subject of working cats, I can assure you that having a cat as a mouser far outweighs putting RatZac out that will cause secondary poisoning. Owls, kookaburras, snakes, falcons, raptors will catch these poisoned animals and in turn die from the poison and here we blame the cats for killing wildlife.

MC 956000013347200

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