Affectionate head-butter

Heinz, as you can see has come a long way in these before and after photos. He's probably around five years old but take a close look at his before photo. He is the result of a male kitten let go undesexed. This cat has suffered and suffered badly. His entire body is full of scars, sun damage and it will take a lot of time to get him back to looking like a somewhat normal cat. Despite all this he is affectionate and loves to head butt. At first meeting he tries to bluff you with a hiss but boy, does he love attention. Heinz is also FIV positive surprise, surprise.

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M/C 956000011404662


Heinz is proudly sponsored by Suzie, Terry and all their havenite cats in memory of Dudley.


Ingrid's Haven no kill cat shelter, Sunday Creek, Victoria
PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 VIC

0417 360 700

Animal Welfare Source Number: BR101126
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