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Lucinda came from the pound and was tested for FIV when she was de-sexed and turned out to be positive unfortunately. This is not a cat I would have picked as having the virus and she may have gone undetected for many years. 

Lucinda is still a juvenile and so sweet and loving. This cat would be perfect as a companion to another aids cat or even a negative cat as long as this other cat is vaccinated against the virus. I had a feeling of doom when I got the news about her. I would hate to see her staying as a shelter cat year in and year out, maybe never finding a home because of ignorance about the virus. 

Please read up on FIV and I have a question - what would you do if a family member came home and told you he/she has got HIV? These cats can live long healthy lives, the virus may never take hold but if it does, you have given as opposed to taken.

Learn more about FIV...

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Lucinda is proudly sponsored by Brea and her cats.


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