Loves a tummy rub

Mamoosh, born 2016, is the loveliest little cat. Said to not be getting along with the owner's other cats so he gave her to his father, who was in no condition to care for an animal. Mamoosh lived outside and of course got sun damage to her ears and often went hungry. A kind neighbour realised the dire situation Mamoosh was in and started feeding her, she was desexed. But as the kind man couldn't take her on he called the Haven for help and Mamoosh arrived. She spent the first two months on her heat pad soaking up the warmth and ate to her heart's content. Her speciality is to roll over for a tummy rub. 

M/C 956000006103572

Mamoosh is proudly sponsored by Heidi in memory of ex havenite Lara/Marli.


Ingrid's Haven no kill cat shelter, Sunday Creek, Victoria
PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 VIC

0417 360 700

Animal Welfare Source Number: BR101126
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