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Tabby and white cat


Much love to give

Paige, July 2021, well, this cat is something. She was ready to kill upon arrival, everyone was afraid of her but slowly, slowly, slowly she came around. Now she is called Ingrid's girlfriend and yes, we do have a very loving relationship but I worked hard to get her to smooch me and head butt.


Paige should not be approached with glasses, caps or face masks, she Is likely to hiss at first but this cat has so much love to give and although I would love to have her as my own, the age difference is far too great. Paige lived on the street with her kittens before being rescued so an inside home is a must as I guess she has very strong hunting skills.

MC 956000014710810

Paige is proudly sponsored by Johannes, Fabian, cats Anna and havenite Leo/Garnet.

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