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Updated June 11, 2016

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All cats and kittens are desexed, wormed, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. Adult cats are $110, kittens under six months $150. These prices are to cover the desexing and vacccinations etc. Some purebreds may cost more.Contact Ingrid for more information about the beautiful cats.
If you'd like to adopt a cat, call Ingrid on 0417 360 700, or email
The Haven is open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, or by appointment.

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Emailed Ingrid and not heard back?
If anyone has emailed Ingrid (especially BigPond users) and has not heard from her within 48 hours, please call 0417 360 700.

I want a forever homeJeremy
Jeremy, the question is: Who wants a lot of love in their life? Jeremy is only young but he is an expert in affection, can’t give enough and can’t get enough. This little boy cat has so much to give, please, don’t let him linger in a shelter. Jeremy is fine with dogs and a must have. M/C 956000005429203

Jeremy is proudly sponsored by Deirdre as a birthday gift to Laura Wood.

I want a forever homeKurt
Kurt, a very handsome FIV positive boy. He is so affectionate and cuddly and so hard to resist when he approaches for a cuddle. FIV positive cats carry the virus and their immune system is compromised. Hence good care, twice yearly veterinary visits, worming and vaccinations up to date. Inside home with or without an enclosure as all cats should enjoy and Bob’s your uncle. Inform yourself about the virus, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these wonderful people orientated cats. M/C 956000004880069

Kurt is proudly sponsored by Sharyn, in memory of Flynn.

I want a forever homeLeila
Leila is a black beauty, she will not come and smooch around your legs, you will have to go to her, convince her that she is wanted and change her world around for something better. Make her believe in humans again. Leila lost all she believed to be hers and she is sad, very sad. M/C 956000004876162

Leila is proudly sponsored by Tanya Dellaportas

I want a forever homeWesley
Wesley, no way would this cat has passed a temperament test coming directly from the pound, into a strange veterinary clinic, being prodded and poked. I took him anyway. He swore at me for the first whole week but I could see that under all that bad language and attitude was a cuddle pot galore and I was right. He is the most affectionate big boofy cat around and he deserves a home where he can maintain his figure, he likes his food, this cat, almost as much as he loves cuddles.

M/C 956000005381241 Wesley is proudly sponsored by Tamara and all her work mates.

I want a forever homePhillip
Phillip a very handsome FIV positive boy. He is very affectionate, gets along with all the other positive cats. FIV positive cats carry the virus and their immune system is compromised. Hence good care, twice yearly veterinary visits, worming and vaccinations up to date. Inside home with or without an enclosure as all cats should enjoy. Inform yourself about the virus, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these wonderful people orientated cats. M/C 956000004888811

Phillip is proudly sponsored by Emma in memory of Millie

I want a forever homeClint
Clint is a super handsome friendly boy in a medium length coat, he might need some assistance with grooming but this can be done while watching TV together. Clint gets along with dogs and doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in his body. Imagine having him as a winter warmer on your lap. M/C 956000005415199

Clint is proudly sponsored by Joo and Ellen, cat Missy Viray

I want a forever homeSarah
Sarah, very obviously dumped, then trapped and taken to the pound. She is not a happy camper, she doesn’t trust people to be nice to her ever again but I have got news for her; there are wonderful people out there that would love to adopt a tortie girl making her believe in kindness. M/C 956000005579193

Sarah is proudly sponsored by Mary for her sister Carol's birthday

I want a forever homePuddy
Puddy is middle aged and lost her family when they decided to move o/s. Puddy is a very lovely cat but she is a bit too fond of her food, her waistline needs reducing. Puddy is fine with dogs and never says no to a pat or two. M/C 956000001999868

Puddy is proudly sponsored by Melissa, and cats Moulin, Teddy and havenite Slinky

I want a forever homeBuckley
Buckley is such a sweet little cat so why he lost his home I have no idea but there he was on death row, what could I do but take him in? Buckley comes with his own bed and now a days he has a heat pad in it which he loves. Buckley loves cuddles and I think his dream is a family. M/C 956000004889174

Buckley is proudly sponsored by Lisa and Adam

I want a forever homeMarty
Marty is long legged talkative boy. He is always available for some attention and he will tell you all that’s happened during his day. Marty is fine with dogs and has had no problem settling in unlike most surrenders to the pound. M/C 941000014059773

Marty is proudly sponsored by Gabrielle, Andrew, cats Latte, Casper, Spike and Milo

I want a forever homeMolly
Molly is a story that is so very sad. Her owners moved but left Millie behind. I can’t look at this cat without feeling her loss, her not understanding why she couldn’t come. It is a very, very cruel world out there and for some reason cats are always seen as disposable. I think I struggle just as much as the cats do trying to come to terms with it all. If anyone don’t believe animals have feelings, they are so wrong, so very wrong. The only difference is that they can’t tell us in words how much they suffer but suffer they do. M/C 956000005888778

Molly is proudly sponsored by Tim and Leanne, their two cats Jessie and Bear.

I want a forever homeLisbeth
Lisbeth, young and homeless. Lisbeth had a so many siblings and they all went as kittens but for some reason Lisbeth never got looked at. To say that kittens always find homes is wrong, they don’t. Some of them stay on in shelters, become teenagers and inding homes for them becomes increasingly hard. Lisbeht has always lived with other cats and she is a very dog friendly type of cat.

Lisbeth is proudly sponsored by Pip, Alex, Ruby, Olivia and their furbabies Stella, Memphis, Saucey, Banjo and Chardy.

I want a forever homeBella
Bella is a great cat in all white, surrendered to the pound for reason unknown. Bella had a spot of cancer on her nose which has now been frozen and provided she gets a home as an inside cat the cancer will not spread. Her poor teeth needed attending too but with all this done, Bella has high hopes finding herself a home where she will be a forever cat, never to be abandoned again. M/C 956000002269371

Bella is proudly sponsored by Marty and Mary, cats Max, Pepsi, Moe and Munster

I want a forever homePumpkin
Pumpkin, this beautiful young cat was once a mother with little kittens to look after. Unfortunately she ended up in a high kill pound, rescues went in and took her kittens but left Pumpkin behind. This sort of behaviour from rescue organisations and the pound allowing it or separating the kittens from the mothers are deplorable. The mothers go with the kittens and that’s it. I have heard numerous stories about this and I have a number of such mama cats here because I can’t handle it. These rescues also call themselves no kill! What they really do is only letting someone else kill the mothers and it is not the person who actually stick the needle in the cat that is responsible. Shame, shame, shame. M/C 982000364667171

Pumpkin is proudly sponsored by Louise in memory of Zen and Freyja

I want a forever homeCasper
Casper is a lovely semi long haired boy. He can be a bit touchy with the male cats he shares with but seems to be fine with the girls. He is also fine with dogs, at least my dog Eddie. Casper needs an inside home due to his pale complexion but then all cats should be secure I I had my way. Cats that live inside don’t risk traffic, evil humans with cat traps or poison, no ferocious dogs, no snakes and no other cats infected with the FIV virus. M/C 956000008887653

Casper is proudly sponsored by Jo, Cats, Kids and Co

I want a forever homeEdelweiss
Edelweiss because she is white is a delightful little feline. She always seeks you out for a pat or even better a cuddle. Edelweiss must be kept as an indoor cat due to her colouring, the ears are the most prone to cancer in the harsh Australian sun, then the nose. She is divine this little girl. M/C 956000004875390

Edelweiss is proudly sponsored by Natalie in memory of Mick.

I want a forever homeCynthia
Cynthia is a very young mother and will never be a big cat having had kittens far too early in life. She is a bit timid but with handling, soft talking she does come around. Cynthia needs to build up her confidence and once this has happened she will become a treasure to love and behold. M/C 956000005421138

Cynthia is proudly sponsored by Victoria, Joshua, cats Ginge and Milo. In memory of Kitty.

I want a forever homeSilvia
Silvia is a young cat from a hoarder situation. All the others have gone but Silvia remains, maybe because she is a bit weary of people which she has all reason to be. The good news though is that she is very affectionate now, loves a pat and a cuddle and she is used to other cats and dogs. Is anyone willing to give this beautiful girl a go? M/C 956000004871390

Silvia is proudly sponsored by Rebecca-Lee and havenites Phoebe, Maximus and Ali.

I want a forever homeGreta
Greta, wonderful tabby cat with the most gorgeous tail. Greta has raised kittens but she is now ready to go. She is a great cat that once lived in a multicat household and she is fine with dogs. This young girl would suit a family perfectly. M/C 956000005414485

Greta is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeMerlin
Merlin, this very handsome and affectionate FIV + boy is up for adoption. Merlin has already made friends with another new comer and the two can often be seen sleeping together in the same bed. Merlin has the virus, yes, but the virus is not active and may never become active. Merlin is just like any other cat, the difference is that we know he has tested positive. How many owned cats have been tested? A FIV + cat needs to be confined but so should all cats be anyway, the free roaming days are over and I agree as cats actually live longer when not having to battle traffic, dogs, foxes, humans with evil intent, snakes, you name it. Read up on FIV, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these for some reason so very affectionate cats. M/C 956000005409096.

Merlin is proudly sponsored by Marg and Gabe and Molly the cat. In memory of Daicos

I want a forever homeFiona
Fiona wasn’t well liked at the hostel she stayed at last but who would? Shoved into a cold metal pen, dragged out for cleaning, anyone would object to this. Here Fiona is very relaxed and forth coming, she has got room to move, she even strolled out for an afternoon walk recently, panic amongst us workers as she hasn’t been her for long but she just had a look around and came straight back when called. She loves a pat where she sits high up surveying the world around her. M/C 9560000004889833

Fiona is proudly sponsored by Brioni and Hannan, in memory of Dee Dee

I want a forever homeMyrtle
Myrtle is related to Martha but how I don’t know. Myrtle is very affectionate, she is a tabby after all and will be the perfect family cat and if no family wants her, someone single will do just as well, she has got much love and purrs to give. M/C 956000005388090

Myrtle is proudly sponsored by Therese and James, cats Sooty, Kit, Kat, Fergus, Biscuit, Mozart and Savannah, dogs Tayla and Indi

I want a forever homeGinger Girl
Ginger Girl comes from a hoarder, every single cat from that place was ginger but for one who was a grey tortie. Ginger Girl is exceptional beautiful but she his timid, very shy of people. Ginger Girl and one of her siblings would be perfect as a stable/shed cat but arrangements to have the cats locked up initially must be in place as cats are territorial and will try to get back to their old haunts. Some of theses cats have already moved on and have proved to be very efficient in keeping stables rodent free. M/C 956000004468262

Ginger Girl is proudly sponsored by Wendy

I want a forever homeBrad
Brad, well, Brad is Brad. Brad will suit a place where he has plenty of room to roam. No people wanting to cuddle him constantly, no other cats, he will though be fine with a dog but no cosy moments with the same. Brad arrived at the Haven skin and bone and with a huge wound on his back which took ages to heal. Because he was so starved he was allowed to eat as much as he wanted, the vollies were instructed to feed him on demand, my fault, because he still thinks he is starving to death every second hour of the day. The boy is rather portly today and despite having saved him from certain death he still gives a bite if I should be lured into thinking he might feel an ounce of gratitude. A pat here and there is all he wants and then to be allowed to be a free spirit. M/C 956000004115051

Brad is proudly sponsored by Jill (who was bitten) and her pets

I want a forever homeFleabag
Young Fleabag might have had fleas at some stage, I don’t know, he hasn’t got any now anyway. Fleabag was named by my vet’s three year old son, Kalle, and although I grimaced at the name to start with it stuck. Fleabag is super sweet in all black, gets along with most living things around him and is a little treasure. M/C 956000005405002

Fleabag is proudly sponsored by Jill and her pets.

I want a forever homeJacki
Jacki, a tad timid, she wants to but hasn’t yet got there. A home would be the perfect solution for Jacki to find her confidence and start living as a happy cat. This cat has a lot of potential and she is beautiful as well. So far she hasn’t shown any aggression towards her fellow inmates nor does she seem to worry about Eddie Dog when he comes visiting. M/C 956000005421762

Jacki is proudly sponsored by Jane, Pippin, Ruben & havenite Ruthie in loving memory of Molly

I want a forever homeKerrie
Kerrie, the sweetest little cat who travelled a long way to find sanctuary at the Haven. Kerrie has a tragic story behind her, she had kittens and ended up in a pound. The kittens were taken by a ‘rescue’ group but they left Kerrie behind to die. This kind of behaviour is totally and utterly un acceptable. You either take the whole family or nothing, since when are we to play god and let the mothers who often have had a very hard time as it is being abandoned, feeding babies to be sentenced to death because they may be harder to find homes for. It says a lot about those people and I sincerely hope that one day they will wake up and live the rest of their lives full of remorse. Kerrie is super sweet and only a dainty girl. M/C 900079000064594

Kerrie is proudly sponsored by Liz and Russell and their cats

I want a forever homeStar
Star this beautiful cat lost her home due to no fault of her own. Star will not come and smooch around your legs, you will have to look her up but once she knows you are the one, her affection is boundless. Star is middle aged in all grey but for a white star on her chest. This cat has been let down a few times too many and this time I would like to see her go to a home that will last for the rest of her natural life. M/C 982000148388551.

Star is proudly sponsored by Karen and Kevin, ex havenites Bibi and Fox (ex Lou and Louella) and in memory of Tigger Jazz, Bear and Babe

I want a forever homeAbbott
Abbott has a little story behind him. Abbott wasn’t tattooed upon arrival and even the vets had great difficulties deciding if he what he was. (94 % of the cats I take in are not de-sexed) The area under his tail didn’t offer much clue so he was opened up, no uterus, no hidden testicles but the insides did show that Abbott is an Abbott and not an Abbottina. When you first approach him he climbs up high as if to avoid you, then he starts rolling around purring his delight. A very lovely cat and I would say he is an Abyssinian cross . M/C 956000004880446

Abbott is proudly sponsored by Marco in memory of her mother Teresa and his brother Erik

I want a forever homeAprille
Aprille, superbly well put together cat. Aprille loves people, cats less so. Aprille is semi longhair so will need a helping hand in the fur dressing department but this can be done while watching TV together with a soft brush or a brush glove. Any kind of attention is greatly welcome by Aprille really nice cat. M/C 956000004873040

Aprille is proudly sponsored by Sally, Laurie, former Havenite Broadie and her feline friends

I want a forever homeRed
Red is a few years old, he has been owned as the mark of a collar can still be seen on his neck. Red is a bit weary of people, god knows how long he has fended for himself and of course he wasn’t de-sexed upon arrival. Although I prefer my cats to be secure inside or with an enclosure I have a feeling Red has spent most of his life outdoors and he may even be happiest being a stable cat. Let Red choose, he might surprise everyone to turn into the greatest couch potao ever. M/C 956000005588155

Red is proudly sponsored by Caryn, cats Nushka and Jaffa in memory of Chelli

I want a forever homePolly
Polly is a young white cat and she would prefer a home without any other felines. Polly also needs to be strictly inside due to her colouring, she will be very prone to cancer on the ears and nose. M/C 956000004878367.

Polly is proudly sponsored by Susie and Terry, cat Trim and former Havenites Jessica/Molly, Dudley & Toby, Lily & Ingi in memory of Max

I want a forever homeTanya
Tanya is a beautiful feline in tortie/tabby. Tanya is easy going, has always been around other cats and is dog friendly. Tanya would be excellent in all situations. If you can’t decide btw her and another cat – adopt two cats. M/C 956000005394673.

Tanya is proudly sponsored by Garry, Jana, Enzo, Cody and Boomy in loving memory of Little Lucy.

I want a forever homeFlot
Flot comes from the same place as Beauty and a few of the others. He is a busy body, always sticking his nose into what people are doing and offers himself up for a cuddle or two and then he is off again. Dog and cat friendly, fine with kids. M/C 956000004880969.

Flot is proudly sponsored by Laura, Michael, cats Mathilda and havenite Pirate

I want a forever homeHeath
Heath, young and I think deaf or at least very selective hearing. Heath has settled in nicely after having found his ranking order in Philadelphia, my FIV enclosure. Yes, Heath is positive to the virus but this doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest and unlike humans he doesn’t know hence he acts just like any other cat. Heath has of course been a free roaming cat and hence he contracted the virus. FIV is no death sentence at all. Good care, inside home, worming, vaccinations and the really good news are that the cats themselves are not aware of carrying the virus. Please, google FIV in cats and come and adopt a couple of the positive ones, they are all adorable. FIV is the same virus as HIV but cannot be transmitted to any other species M/C 956000005382673

Heath is proudly sponsored by Kim and her cat Tobey

I want a forever homeRomanoff
Romanoff, super cat, with one eye. When he was picked up by the rangers and taken to the vets it was found his eyeball was still in the socket but shrivelled. Romanoff must has gone through so much pain when he lost the eye and this probably happened in a fight because the boy is positive to FIV as well, not that this deters him. Please google FIV, learn the facts, these cats can live just as healthy happy lives as any other cat. Then come and adopt this big smoocher. M/C 956000008254511

Romanoff is proudlly sponsored by Garry, Jana, Enzo, Cody and Boomy in loving memory of Little Lucy

I want a forever homeRhea
Rhea is a little shy girl with red hair. She wants to but she hasn’t yet overcome her shyness so watches the humans around her from afar. Rhea took off when she met Eddie Dog but this seemed more to be caution than anything else. Has anyone got a heart big enough to take on a little shy cat? Once they have learnt to trust no cat is more devoted to its owner. M/C 95600000448985

Rhea is proudly sponsored by Lou and ex havenites Rose and Dudley in memory of Dougal

I want a forever homeNina
Nina came with three little boys, all rehomed but mum remains. Nina is a td shy but still puts up with a pat and a kind word. Nina’s life hasn’t been easy so she is forgiven for not jumping in people’s arms at first sight. Still she is a great cat with huge potential. M/C 956000004890542.

Nina is proudly sponsored by Diana and Luke, in loving memory of Mitsu

I want a forever homeGaylord
Gaylord comes from the streets, he approached a kind lady who started feeding him but silly Gaylord brought all the other street cats with him for nightly feeds and this lady couldn’t cope with them all. Gaylord came to the haven and judging by his looks he is a tad worried about the future but so far I haven’t let him down in regards to food. Socialisation might take a bit longer but he is one mighty handsome cat. M/C 956000005906325.

Gaylord is proudly sponsored by Paula Stevens
I want a forever homeRattlers
Rattlers is named after a pub but don’t get upset, Rattlers the cat is not a pub crawler instead he is a lovely laid back boy who loves a cuddle. Rattlers hasn’t got anything against dogs and he is well behaved and easy going with his fellow felines. M/C 956000004891122.

Rattlers Lina is proudly sponsored by Meredith

I want a forever homeAlexanda
Alexandra once a feral little mama cat that has learnt that humans can be nice. She is still a tad shy but she loves her pats. Alexandra is dog and cat friendly. M/C 956000003416521.

Alexandra is proudly sponsored by Liza, Ariene and Graham Herschell.

I want a forever homeMama Puss
Mama Puss is a young girl who has lived on the streets supporting her kittens till a kind lady be friended her and gave her food. Once mama Puss was relaxed enough to be picked up a trip to the Haven took place and please, note, this lady lives interstate and was unable to take the cats with her. Mama Puss is so sweet, she is still a bit confused over being at a shelter but she has her babies with her and my dearest hope is that somewhere out there someone will overlook her being timid and over her a home. The payback will be enormous as these cats once they have overcome their shyness will be the most devoted of pets. M/C 956000005576076.

Mama Puss is proudly sponsored by Caroline in her great love for cats.

I want a forever homeSamii
Samii, a lovely little girl in tortie/tabby. Samii was a bit scruffy looking when she arrived but this is all in the past and she is more than ready for a new home. M/C 956000008392539

Samii is proudly sponsored by Lillian, Adrian & former havenite Mario

I want a forever homeDexter
Dexter is a young cat that was diagnosed as being positive to the aids virus. FIV is no big deal in itself, good care as any cat should have, inside home or with an enclosure. Vet visits twice a year as the immune system in a positive cat is compromised. Dexter unfortunately has got a bad ulcer in his eye and is under going treatment, severe treatment, as we don’t want to have to take the eye out if we don’t have to. Dexter is the sweetest guy around and once we know about his eye he will be very eager for a home. Please, google FIV in cats and take the stigma out of it.

M/C 956000005419229 Dexter is proudly sponsored by Bec, her cats Rosie and Beetle

I want a forever homeErsula
Ersula, if you want a cat sitting on your shoulder, Ersula is the one. This cat knows no bounds when it comes to affection and she has a lot of her siblings and friends here at the Haven if you should want two cats. Ersula is very cat and dog friendly. M/C 956000005580433

Ersula is proudly sponsored by Annelise and Hans, cat Bindi

I want a forever homeJeddah
Jeddah an all black beauty has many of her siblings and cousins here but Jeddah was the only one having young ones at foot upon arrival. Jeddah is timid but once she knows you is a darling. She comes from a hoarding situation, not having been ill treated in any way but things got out of hand. Jeddah has now found homes for all her babies and would dearly love to find one herself. A bit of patience with this beautiful cat and she will blossom into a devoted companion. M/C 956000005573637

Jeddah is proudly sponsored by Stella and her pets from Hoppers Crossing

I want a forever homeJoel
Joel was caught in a trap as his nose shows. He is a gentle cat, only a bit overcome having lost his home and ended up in a shelter. Things will be fine, Joel, I will never let you go to anyone like your first owners. You and all the cats I have will face a much brighter future than what you had. M/C 956000005573716

Joel is proudly sponsored by Nicole in memory of Mervis.

I want a forever homeRory
Rory was petrified when he arrived and it took him a long time to come out and about. Now he mingles freely amongst his friends and often asks for a pat. Dog friendly too. M/C 956000004351562

Rory is proudly sponsored by Katrina and cat Maya

I want a forever homeTonia
Tonia, young sweet little girl that grew up on a farm. Tonia spent her kitten hood as a shelter cat and now is the question, will she spend her entire life as a shelter cat? Tonia has everything going for her, she is beautiful, she is playful, she is very used to other cats and dogs and she is tabby. M/C 956000004056959

Tonia is proudly sponsored by as a birthday gift to Carla from her sister Sonya
I want a forever homeNellie
Nellie arrived with little ones in tow, rescued by a kind man from an industrial estate. Nellie had only been handled and fed by men so wasn’t quite sure about all these women she suddenly was surrounded by. She has accepted us now, we do after all feed her. Nellie though turned out to be FIV positive while all her kittens are negative. This little mama cat deserves a home so badly. FIV is not a death sentence in any way and I do adopt out rather a few of these lovely cats. Remember that we know that Nellie is positive, she doesn’t, but what says that a negative cat wont develop an illness, that something we don’t know. Google FIV, educate yourself and every single adopter who has taken in a positive cat just love them, they are for some reason so people orientated. M/C 956000004496002.

Nellie is proudly sponsored by Genevieve, Jules, Harry and in memory of Ken

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

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Stephen and Sally Bradbury, cats Tigger, Scruffy, Tom and Missy . In memory of Lucky

Karen and Matt, havenites Oliver and Lily

Lisa and cat Mia

Jess and Macca, and cats Oscar and Meathead.

Janice and cat Molly, in loving memory of Max & Ebony

Azadi, Tim and Mahshid with cats Sosol and Samira

Jo, her dogs Baxter and Marty, cats Sebastian and Lily

Jolinda, cats Della, Inca and Mouse


Jacki, cats Gunter, Izzy and Mincey

Sue and Havenite Annie

Lina, Annette, Alyssa, cats Spot, Skinny and Fluff

Tabitha in memory of RooRoo

Marge B from Boston

Dawn, cats Luna, Whispurr, Mambo and Cabbage for a very special cat

Peter and Trish in memory of our Stanley Cat

Leanne and cat Roughie

Jade and her cat

Roz and Lib in memory of Marta and Mara

Liz in memory of Precious

Marie, cats Tiger, Louie and Tabitha, in memory of Pixie

Christina, Mun-Yee & Skyler Meow

Judy and her cats Big Puss, Little Piss in Memory of Tim and cat OP

Julie, Paul and cat Erik, in memory of Roxanne and Kitty

Meah and Justin, dog Barkley and havenite Guy/Rupert

Gillian, cats aGGI and JiZe

Jeanne, Dale and Zhara McArthur in memory of our Max

Sally and Markham, beloved cat Jess

PG and Kelly and a very special
ginger cat

Bex, havenites
Felix and Zac,
in memory of Asia

Tasma and cat Minou, Skövde, Sweden

Evelyn and Laurent, havenites Lola and Misha

Kristy and her cats Samuel and Lucy - in memory of Tabitha

Kellie, Mick, dog Foxy and cat Max

Anna and Steph

Jeanette, dog Mindy and cat Sylvie

Tereza, Alyssa, cats Baci and Neko

Beth, Brad and former Havenite Batman

Rosemary and tabby cat Pajamas

Jenny, and cats Bailey andHester

Katie, Kitty, cats Arlo and Shelby, in memory of Genie

Venesa, Phil and former Havenite Sue/Meeka

Boli, cats Queenie and Dot

Christina Branidis, sponsor for Senior enclosure 2 rescue pussycats, brothers Humphrey and Houdini, in memory of Moggy

Robyn, her two cats in memory of Rahnee and Meah

Angela in memory of Zeus

Tamika, Paul, Bennett, FIV cats Belle and Sebastian