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Cats and kittens looking for loving homes
Updated December 7, 2014

All cats and kittens are desexed, wormed, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. Adult cats are $110, kittens under six months $150. These prices are to cover the desexing and vacccinations etc. Some purebreds may cost more.Contact Ingrid for more information about the beautiful cats.
If you'd like to adopt a cat, call Ingrid on 0417 360 700, or email
The Haven is open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, or by appointment.

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I want a forever homeLots of kittens looking for forever homes!
I have adorable kittens in all sizes and shapes. I know they are appealing to people, they are irresistible, but kittens grow up into cats and will they then be wanted? Please, if you get tempted to adopt one, be honest, be prepared, do you want this cat for the next twenty years? I do my outmost to secure loving safe homes for them, I worry a lot about these little furballs. Will you keep the cat if you have to move? Will you keep the cat even if your new partner doesn’t like cats? My advice to this is, break the relationship with this controlling person and run.

Above all, will you keep the cat you adopted as a cute little kitten because you really wanted a human baby? Remember, these kittens adopted for all the wrong reasons pay with their lives as cats because you wanted a kitten but not the cat. If your kitten will not be part of your life through thick and thin for its entire life then go and buy a teddy bear in the nearest toy store instead. The cats in the pounds, in the kill shelters are not killed by the person performing the act, the animal is killed by its owner who abandoned it. No one but the owner is responsible. Please, think before the cuteness takes over.

I want a forever homeAshley
Ashley, this beautiful girl in smokey black and only very young. Ashley is the most affectionate cat but she does not like others of her own specie. This little girl didn’t have the best of homes to begin with but this will all change now, she is up for adoption to a forever loving secure environment where she can thrive. M/C 95600000.

Ashley is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Fiona, Tara, Mikayla and the cats.

I want a forever homeMojo
Mojo is a little feline in a semi longhair coat. She is very affectionate but will not tolerate children, having had some bad mishaps with them and Mojo was the one who suffered. M/C 981000300543738.

Mojo is proudly sponsored by Jo, Cats, Kids and Co

I want a forever homeAnnette
Annette, this beautiful mama cat is named after a beautiful, creative friend of mine; my webmaster. Annette, the cat, has four little kittens she is nurturing and is of course not vet worked yet nor chipped. She is so outstandingly affectionate I think I spent an hour getting this one photo of her as all she wanted to do was smooch.

Annette is proudly sponsored by Kathleen in memory if Lancelot

I want a forever homeBarry
Barry, sweet heart, he is so very affectionate and hungry for love this cat. He is fine with other cats and with dogs. Due to his pale complexion Barry should be kept out of the sun inside and maybe with a shaded enclosure but so should all cats if they are truly cared about. M/C 981000300539736.

Barry is proudly sponsored by Louisa.

I want a forever homeRosanna
Rosanna stunning cat in tortoiseshell. I do wonder so often why certain cats, well, all of them end up in the pound and no owner are looking for them. Mind bogling to say the least. Rosanna has settled in, has no hang ups that I can detect and will be a super family cat.
M/C 956000003433428.

Rosanna is proudly sponsored by Claire Smith, cats Poppet, Morris, Zach & Myfanwy from WA.

I want a forever homeAnna
Anna, this little girl in grey, is a young mother of five. She is affectionate like few, beautiful to look at and everything you would want in a cat. I haven’t tried her with the dogs yet as she is rearing babies but I do think she will be fine with them. She would be a superb cat in any situation but must be loved and cared for for the rest of her life which hopefully will last another twenty years. Anna is not vet worked yet.

Anna is proudly sponsored by Suzanne and furbabies Pippi Longstocking, Monkey Magic, Henry, Winter and FIV Positive Casper in memory of Cheeky, Weedlebee and Felix

I want a forever homeChezter
Chezter with a Z, what can I say, he is adorable. He is no spring chicken, he is positive to the FIV virus, he has chronic infection from un treated ear mites, he has had a dental, he has had a full make over and he possibly has lymphoma caused by the ear mites. Still, nothing, nothing deters this charmer to love people and I mean love. His sponsor met him, fell in love and begged me to have him for her next sponsor cat. The volunteers can’t walk past him without taking him out of the pen and love him up and Chezter soaks it all up. This cat is irresistible. What does an illness mean if you really love an animal and you don’t want him to die as a shelter cat, unwanted. Chezter is divine. M/C 956000003697092.

Chezter is proudly sponsored by Sally, Laurie, former Havenite Broadie and her feline friends.

I want a forever homeStephanie
Stephanie is only young and a little bewildered. She is only a new cat on the block and she looks at the other cats with horror. Still she is very affectionate with humans, maybe she only has had some bad experiences with other felines. But then again not everyone wants four cats. Steph must be kept safe from the harmful rays of the sun, no roaming for this mainly white cat. M/C 956000003697538.

Stephanie is proudly sponsored by Karen, cats Dusty and Sophie and the two tabby brothers; and also by Aimme and cats Tasha and Mitsy.

I want a forever homeAubree
Aubree is a very sweet little cat. Aubree is little at the moment for the wrong reasons, she is starved and she probably had several litters of kittens, having started far too young to have them. The only thing I can fault this feline with is that she does not like other cats at all so needs a single cat house hold but let me assure you, Aubree is cat enough to fill the house with purrs. M/C 956000004123789

Aubree is proudly sponsored by mary to celebrate Mary’s sister Carol’s birthday.

I want a forever homeSnowball
Snowball, he is one lovely young man. Unfortunately he had no say in his adoption as a kitten. He was adopted because his owners really wanted a human kitten and when they fell pregnant with one, Snowball found himself homeless. This is really ridiculous, millions of people have cats and babies, it is simply sheer ignorance that a cat will kill a baby. Educate yourselves instead, people, stand up for the one that is at your total mercy and that you once gave some sort of a home to without any intention of keeping the little helpess creature., only selfishly thinking of your own wants at the moment. Snowball needs of course to be an inside cat as he is white and can easily get skin cancer. But he is not deaf. Call Snowball and this bundle of joy comes running. M/C 956000003025250.

Snowball is proudly sponsored by Karen and her cat Lucy
I want a forever homeElliott
Elliott, this handsome boy has had some bad encounter with what we think might be a dog. One of his front legs has been badly bitten and Elliott is limping. Still he is such an affectionate cat and loves his food. I can’t of course say yet how he is with other animals as Elliott is still recovering, M/C 956000004314438.

Elliott is proudly sponsored by Julie, Kevin, cat Mollyand havenite Ninya now Bobbie.

I want a forever homeXena
Xena is a beautifully settled cat. Her first owner had to give her up due to a terminal illness, her second owner turned out to be allergic and so Xena ended up at the Haven. She is very affectionate cat, has always lived as an inside single cat so is not too fond of others of her kind. She loves cuddles and is very playful. M/C 956000001483528.

Xena is proudly sponsored by Koriana Park
I want a forever homeBill
Bill, well, anyone for cuddles, here he is. Not only can he cuddle a lot by himself, Bill has also got a brother Bull, double the cuddles. These two cats are so sweet and both so handsome and they need to go together as they are very bonded. M/C 956000004311519.

Bill is proudly sponsored by Jen and Troy, cats Gizzy and Jet .

I want a forever homeBull
Bull is a brother to Bill, the two are inseperable and delightful cats. They need to go as a pair as they are very much bonded. Neither cat has anything against other felines or dogs. M/C 956000004317240.

Bull is proudly sponsored by Robyn and havenite Alice Jane.

I want a forever homeNarelle
Narelle is a young cat that has recently reared kittens, done her bit to populate the world with these wonderful animals. Narelle’s duty done, she is now de-sexed and a shelter cat and she does want a home, please. The little cat is very sweet and will be suitable as a family cat, well, suitable in any situation, I would say. M/C 956000004319255.

Narelle is proudly sponsored by Meredith
I want a forever homeMarvin
Marvin, this handsome male is very affectionate. He can play a bit rough so will not be suitable for small kids. He gets along with his fellow inmates rather well and had nothing against Tyco Dog coming in for a visit. M/C 956000004093376.

Marvin is proudly sponsored by Caryn, cats Nushka and Jaffa in memory of Chelli .

I want a forever homeKaija
Kaija is a beautiful soul in semi long hair black. Black goes with everything, perfect for someone working in an office and is required to wear a dark suit. Kaija lived with another cat and they are often seen cuddled together, scared and depressed, not understanding why their owners couldn’t be bothered any longer. M/C 956000004099158.

Kaija is proudly sponsored by Sonia, Ari, Marti and Todd.

I want a forever homeRupert
Rupert is a young boy in pale ginger, a little bit timid or rather scared. He can’t understand what he did wrong to be surrendered to the pound, put in a shelter that is no ´life for a cat at all. He seeks his older ‘sister’ out for comfort as much as he can. M/C 956000004092220.

Rupert is proudly sponsored by Tania and Damo, cats Stella and Cinnamon.

I want a forever homePete
Pete, a middle aged boy in all black. Pete hasn’t had that good a life judging by his coat but this is about to change. Pete is used to dogs and remember a de-sexed male cat is the best pet anyone can have. Another jet black cat, Elvis, taught me this years ago. M/C 956000008075972.

Pete is proudly sponsored by Lee, Greg and cat Precious.

I want a forever homeVanessa
Vanessa, this little cat is expecting and what cute kittens she will produce. Vabessa has of course not been de-sexed yet nor chipped but she still needs her support from her sponsor. It is costly bringing up kids, you know. Vanessa has got nothing against dogs.

Vanessa is proudly sponsored by Nicole in memory of Mervis.

I want a forever homeLorna
Lorna, poor little scared cat. She looks like she has had a very hard life. We can change her life towards something much better, Scared cats will blossom when they feel secure, loved and taken care of. I have numerous examples of this if only a good hearted human will make the effort. Sadly though most people want the outgoing purring cats and the ones that really need some TLC are over looked. M/C 956000004092124.

Lorna is proudly sponsored by Rae, cats Muscles, Dee & Coco. In memory of Buzz & Squiz.

I want a forever homeJanelle
Janelle, look at this beautiful cat. Janelle is not fond of other cats at all and she can be a bit moody. I hope this may settle once she is in a home but she is definitely not for the kids. M/C956000004290907.

Janelle is proudly sponsored by Pip, Alex, Ruby, Olivia and their furbabies Stella, Memphis, Saucey, Banjo and Chardy.

I want a forever homeHector
Hector, the biggest cuddle pot ever. Try to stop patting him and he reaches out to bring you back into line, he just can’t get enough of affection. Hector unfortunately tested positive to FIV when de-sexed which doesn’t surprise me when you let an un de-sexed male roam the streets. Hector has clearly been owned but as all the others dumped by their owners. FIV I not a death sentence in any way, the cats need to be confined so as not to spread the virus, they need twice yearly check ups, high quality food, vaccinations and worming kept up to date. There are many excellent articles on the internet to read up on FIV and then come and adopt the boy. M/C 956000004122299

Hector is proudly sponsored by Damian and Jennie in memory of Wuzza and St John.

I want a forever homeShane
Shane is a young man born on a farm with his siblings to stray parents. Shane is a tad timid but his dream in life is to become a lap cat and he has got lots of potential being a tabby boy with beautiful white markings. He is very used to dogs and other cats. Maybe adopt Shane and one of his brothers. M/C 956000003158922.

Shane is proudly sponsored by Lynda and Darren, havenites Gigi and Leila in memory of Rascal.

I want a forever homeJona
Jona a little boy that travelled from far away in order to get to live. Jona was scared upon arrival, still is a bit but by golly does he wants to be a lap cat given the chance. Jona has always lived with other cats and is very used to dogs. M/C 900012001088468.

Jona is proudly sponsored Isobel is sponsored by Bernadette, Mike and former Havenite Cameron.

I want a forever homeSeamus
Seamus is a young man born on a farm with his siblings to stray parents. Seamus is a tad timid but his dream in life is to become a lap cat and he has got lots of potential being a black boy with beautiful white markings. He is very used to dogs and other cats. Maybe adopt Seamus and one of his brothers. M/C 956000002963001.

Seamus is proudly sponsored by Larissa in Sydney.

I want a forever homeMandy
Mandy, this little black bob tail cat is affectionate and a darling. Mandy is also FIV positive which really is no big deal. All cats should be kept safe inside their homes anyway maybe with an enclosure attached. FIV cats are just like any other cat but they must be confined and not be let to roam as they can then spread the virus via saliva through biting. They can happily co exist with other FIV cats or cats that are vaccinated against the virus. FIV can not spread to humans, dogs, rabbits only to other cats. Please google FIV and take the stigma out of it because as a rule they are very people oriented cats. 956000004093789.

Mandy is proudly sponsored by Robyn, ex havenites Bella and Kitty.

I want a forever homeJames
James, this handsome redhead is in dire need of a home. Shelter life is scary and James need a human that will love and care for him. It doesn’t matter if one is male and biggish, life can be seen as horrible when one has been left high and dry. James is a sweet cat but he is bewildered. M/C 956000003660451.

James is proudly sponsored by Melissa, and cats Moulin and Teddy.

I want a forever homeSocrates
Socrates, he is a youngish cat and he is very nice. Socrates is used to dogs and other cats. Unfortunately he was allowed to roam and he like so many other cats contracted the aids virus through fighting. FIV cats are just like any other cat but they must be confined and not be let to roam as they can then spread the virus via saliva through biting. They can happily co exist with other FIV cats or cats that are vaccinated against the virus. FIV can not spread to humans, dogs, rabbits only to other cats. Please google FIV and take the stigma out of it because as a rule they are very people oriented cats. M/C 956000008425069.

Socrates is proudly sponsored by Heather, cat Sammie, in memory of Annie.

I want a forever homeTiger Lily
Tiger Lily is the first mum this season. She is a street cat but has got loads of potential when not cornered. My bet is that with handling Tiger Lily will become a very settled cat once her kitten rearing days are over. She may not want to be picked up and cuddled all day long but she wants to be a people cat. Tiger Lily is not yet de-sexed nor chipped as she is still rearing babies.

Tiger Lily is proudly sponsored by Ben and Felicia and cat Kira.

I want a forever homeHelen
Helen has spent a couple of years at the Haven. She is not one for selling herself and is constantly over looked. Helen goes well with other cats and is not afraid of dogs. Anyone prepared to cahnge her life? M/C 956000001450835.

Helen is proudly sponsored by Sue from the ACT.

Helen is also proudly sponsored by Lauren S.

I want a forever homeBootsie
Bootsie is a Memory Cat and wears his name to honour a much loved cat called Bootsie. My Bootsie is unfortunately rather timid but he has a lot of loving in him. Time needs to be spent on him, time needs to be given to him and he will blossom, becoming the lap cat. Bootie is very comfortable with dogs and other cats. Please, consider changing his life, don’t let him die a shelter cat, he is only very young. M/C 956000003142563.

Bootsie is proudly sponsored by Chriss, Jamie and havenite Lyra/Dorothy.

I want a forever homeHarriet
Harriet, look what a stunning looking cat she is. Not only is she eye candy, she is just as beautiful on the inside. Who ever ‘owned’ Harriet before did not deserve her. M/C 956000004121311.

Harriet is proudly sponsored by Jamie and cat Elmot.

I want a forever homePeggy
Peggy abandoned in her twilight years, this sweet little feline is desperate for a home. Peggy would suit an older person, well, a younger one toobut please let her get out of the shelter environment, let her enjoy another 8 – years as a loved feline. M/C 956000004104661.

Peggy is proudly sponsored by Michelle and her menagerie
I want a forever homeHodgey
Hodgey, this cat was bought from a pet shop so of course was never de-sexed. Let to roam the streets, having fights with other cats and the outcome was given; Hodgey is positive to aids. To add to his treatment his very loving owners left him behind when they moved away though Hodgey was lucky enough to be picked up by the rangers and so ended up coming here. FIV is not a death sentence, tehse cats can live happy healthy lives, provided they are looked after properly and they must of course not be let out to roam. Vaccinations and worming must be kept up to date and high quality food. Please, google FIV in cats and take the stigma out of it, then come and adopt Hodgey, he is super nice. M/C 956000008407393.

Hodgey is proudly sponsored by Marco in memory of her mother Teresa and his brother Erik.

I want a forever homeRachel
Rachel , she is so sweet, she looks so innocent but life dealt her a hard blow or she would have been out of here by now. Rachel is unfortunately FIV positive, she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t feel any different from other cats but a lot of humans feel awkward about the aids cats. FIV is not a death sentence, the cats need to be confined or live with other aids vaccinated cats. They need regular check ups at the vet, keep vaccinations and worming up to date. High quality food, love in abundance as for any other cat and finally look up FIV on the internet and take the stigma out of it.M/C 956000003662576.

Rachel is proudly sponsored by Gabrielle, Andrew, cats Latte, Casper, Spike, Milo and havenite Mika

I want a forever homeKitKat
KitKat is a middleaged cat and she is upset. KitKat had the most loving owner, he doted on his cat, loved her more than life and spoiled her. Unfortunately KitKat’s owner passed away suddenly and KitKat found herself stranded as no attangements had been made for her future if something should happen. Well, it did and the only certain thing in life is that we are all going to die sooner or later and let this be a reminder to make arrangements for your pets because if family doesn’t want them they almost always end up in kill shelters and that’s it.
KitKat carries on with new people, she hisses and let’s everyone know she hates her life as it is now. Once she is used to a person she is very nice which I have found out but she must be the only cat, no dogs, only KitKat and her human, please. I feel very sad for this cat, she had it all and suddenly it was gone. M/C 982009105451180.

KitKat is proudly sponsored by Marty and Mary, cats Max, Pepsi, Moe and Munster.

I want a forever homeHenke
Henke is a loving cat in shorthair, grey/white. He has obviously lived a lot outside, he can’t get enough of the warmth in his bed and the food which seems to be better than what he was used to. Henke has got no issues that I am aware of, he is OK with dogs, now all he want is a home where he can stay forever and ever. M/C 956000003670653.

Henke is proudly sponsored by Mara and Lillian's cat Tyra
I want a forever homeTheodora
Theodora, what happened to this poor cat we will never know but she came via the pound with a tail so badly damaged it had to be amputated. Theodora looks like she has been living outside but she is a sweet little thing looking for a safe, warm, loving inside home. She has had enough of accidents because she wasn’t kept safe. M/C 956000004281627.

Theodora is proudly sponsored by Gloria in QLD.

I want a forever homeSyd
Syd is a young man born on a farm with his siblings to stray parents. Syd is so named to honour a much loved cat, Syd, that recently passed over. My Syd is a tad timid but his dream in life is to become a lap cat and he has got lots of potential being a tabby boy with beautiful white markings. He is very used to dogs and other cats. M/C 956000003158922.

Syd is proudly sponsored by Damien and Eleni and their friends.

I want a forever homePiggelina
Piggelina approached a farm asking for food and shelter and it was offered to her but she needed to be de-sexed. Unfortunately she was found to be FIV positive upon testing and Pigelina made the Haven her home. She is one sweet cat, always ready for some time one to one, cuddling and food her favourites. FIV is a virus, same as HIV but can not be transferred to either humans or dogs, only btw cats.Please read up on FIV and consider giving one of them a home. Piggelina will be a strong M/C 956000003653113.

Piggelina is proudly sponsored by Wanda in memory of ZuZu San and Ellie.

I want a forever homeCoke
Coke is a fluffy little cat, easy going and affectionate. She didn’t have the best of homes, scrawny and full of worms upon arrival but things are changing for her. She looks so much better now and she is very eager to go to a home with lots of good food, cuddles and a warm bed. M/C 956000002232989.

Coke is proudly sponsored by Christine, and cats Teddy Sebastien, Molly and Cheeky.
I want a forever homeCola
Cola is the daughter of Coke and she is just as nice as mum is. The pair would like to go together, they were going to be killed together so why can’t they be allowed to live a happy charmed life together? M/C 956000003410686.

Cola is proudly sponsored by Natalie in memory of Mick.

I want a forever homeGeraldine
Geraldine, this beautiful cat has produced many a litter of kittens and was finally surrendered to the pound for her great ‘misbehaviour’ at getting pregnant over and over. No doubt her previous owner is now getting a free male kitten, thinking they can get away with not de-sexing the cat because he is male and won’t present kittens four times a year. M/C 956000003654469.

Geraldine is proudly sponsored by Therese and James, cats Sooty, Kit, Kat, Fergus, Biscuit, Mozart and Savannah, dogs Tayla and Indi.

I want a forever homePinny
Pinny is no spring chicken but still very much alive and kicking. This older cat has walked the neighbourhood looking for her owners that didn’t want her any longer. Pinny may come across as being un friendly to begin with but once she knows her humans she is one very sweet lady, she has after all no reason to trust the first person she meets.. M/C 956000003038686.

Pinny is proudly sponsored by Min and her three havenites Mimi, FIV cats John John and Ozzy

I want a forever homeMarilyn
Marilyn beautiful little calico. This little cat arrived with many of her relatives to find sanctuary at the Haven after her owner passed away not having arranged for the cats to be taken care of in case something happened. The poor cats were discouraged by neighbours when they went in search of food by having rocks thrown at them till one kindly lady took pity on them and took then to safety. M/C 956000003408808.

Marilyn is proudly sponsored by Tina & Tony, cats Gismo, Pearl, Bonnie and Solly.

I want a forever homeFrost
Frost, young and beautiful. Frost has had kittens but they are gone into great homes and only mum remains. Frost would prefer to start out as the only cat, she will accept a kitten later but right now all this little feline wants is a warm, caring home. M/C 956000002492154.

Frost is proudly sponsored by Rhoda, Simon, Liam, cats Sasha, Marley, Ziva and Kylar

I want a forever homeMojo
Mojo is a senior cat, very, very sweet. He is used to other cats and his best friend Jack is also here at the Haven and they would dearly love if they could stay together. They couldn’t help that their circumstances changed and found themselves shelter cats. Maybe someone out there will take pity on two older boys and give them something to live for again. M/C 981000300308729.

Mojo is proudly sponsored by Joo and Ellen, cat MissyViray.

I want a forever homeJack
Jack is a senior cat He is used to other cats and his best friend Mojo is also here at the Haven and they would dearly love if they could stay together. They couldn’t help that their circumstances changed and found themselves shelter cats. Maybe someone out there will take pity on two older boys and give them something to live for again. M/C 981000300315440.
Jack is proudly sponsored by Heidi and Havenite Lara/Marli.

I want a forever homePushka
Pushka, a cat that hasn’t stopped purring. This little cat was found walking the streets, very ill and in dire net of some serious medical attention. Owners, please, don’t move leaving your cat behind thinking she will be fine, she will not, Pushka is a perfect example. She needs an inside home because of her colouring and as far as I cn determine she also needs to be in a single at household but a lovelier cat is hard to find. M/C 900012000588582.

Pushka is proudly sponsored by Pushka is proudly sponsored by Sharon, ex havenites Felix and Fergie.

I want a forever homeMaisie
Maisie is senior affectionate lady in tabby/tortie and she would love a home where she will be the one and only. M/C 982009106258600.

Maisie is proudly sponsored by Jane, Pippin, Ruben & havenite Ruthie in loving memory of Molly.

I want a forever homeSerena
Serena, young and beautiful in a short haired coat and rather playful. She is a lovely little girl but does not like being a shelter cat, far too many other cats to compete with when it comes to cuddles. Superb little cat in any situation. M/C 956000003400711.

Serena is proudly sponsored by Margaret and former Havenite Richard.

I want a forever homeTexas
Texas is an older boy and another cat that finds it hard to deal with having lost his home and entered a shelter. He is a lovely cat but sad, so sad. Texas seems to be fine with dogs and he lived with several other cats before coming to the Haven. M/C 956000003643444

Texas is proudly sponsored by Anne Marie in memory of a much loved cat Mystery

I want a forever homeRoy
Roy was very upset at coming to a shelter and having unspeakable things done to him. He swore and carried on and yearned for pats. Some time after the unspeakable act his hormones settled, he stopped swearing and now it is only affection he craves. Roy has this gleaming jet black coat and after all we have been through he and I we are now the best of friends and he seeks me out for a cuddle. A de-sexed male cat is the best pet anyone can have. M/C 956000003633489

Roy is proudly sponsored by Tanya Dellaportas.

I want a forever homeSimba
Simba is ginger and used to live in a one cat household. He is very affectionate if you don’t rush him. Simba feels the world is weighing him down as a shelter cat and would dearly love to find a home, the sooner the better. It is heart breaking to see these proud animals trying to work out what went wrong. Simba has unfortunately been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and is currently undergoing chemo therapy. The good news are that cats normally respond well to chemo with this kind of cancer. Simba has a life ahead of him if he can find some to give him love. M/C 97812100062273.

Simba is proudly sponsored by Nicole as a wedding gift to Harriet and Andy
I want a forever homeJackie
Jackie is steely grey with a little star on her chest. She is a friendly girl, good at both purring and eating. Jackie is a bit of a loner so may be best as a single cat and she will not be suitable for young children. M/C 982000148388551

Jackie is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Alyssa, Tara & cat Bellat.

I want a forever homeMalcolm
Malcolm is another big cat abandoned as the rest of them. He has finally settled to shelter life and is quite the smoocher. Malcolm is used to dogs at least one big black one. M/C 956000008902139

Malcolm is proudly sponsored by Susie and Terry, cats Max and Trim and former Havenite Jessica/Molly, Dudley & Toby.

I want a forever homeSerafina
Serafina arrived with four kittens, all full of fleas and in a sorry state but nothing a worm tablet, some flea treatment and good food can’t fix. Serafina herself is very sweet as are the kits, they have been fed by some neighbours and other neighbours have been throwing rocks at the little family. They are all safe now and Serafina will be micro chipped and de-sexed as soon as she feels a bit better.

Serafina is proudly sponsored by Odette and her cat Urzsulla as a birthday gift.

I want a forever homeMinouche
Minouche is a young girl that has had some misfortune in life, she is coming to terms with shelter life and trying to overcome her sorrows but she is safe, she is warm, she is well fed and she has a home to look forward to if someone can open their heart and home for this little tortie. M/C 900012000363065

Minouche is proudly sponsored by Jane, Jason ,Chloe ,and cats ,exhavenites Alice,Tyson, Indianna, Arizona, Glen and other cats, Sweet Pea, Aspen, Alaska, Syrah, Phoenix and Balou in memory of much love cat Brutus.

I want a forever homeHenry & Elke
Henry and Elke didn’t know one another till they came to the Haven but have formed a strong bond. Henry looks after his girl friend because she is a tad scared of the world in general but very sweet despite this. Henry is the braver of the two and never says no to a cuddle. Both cats found themselves on the streets when they became juveniles and I sincerely hope there is someone out there that can bring a sparkle back into their eyes. M/C 900012000373342 M/C 900012000260097

Henry is proudly sponsored by Alicia and cat Cadbury.
Elke is proudly sponsored by Anthony and Joy, cats Opal and Ashlee.

I want a forever homeLarry
Larry is a darling cat in grey tabby, semi long haired. He is affectionate, he loves his food, he is OK with dogs but unfortunately her turned out to be FIV + when he was de-sexed. FIV cats are just like any other cat but they must be confined and not be let to roam as they can then spread the virus via saliva through biting. They can happily co exist with other FIV cats or cats that are vaccinated against the virus. FIV can not spread to humans, dogs, rabbits only to other cats. Please google FIV and take the stigma out of it because as a rule they are very people oriented cats. M/C 900012000373363

Larry is proudly sponsored by Sinead and havenites Tiffany and FIV+ Andrew/Opie.

I want a forever homeNorman
Norman had the unfortune of testing positive to aids. FIV is not a death sentence in any way, well, it can be if you end up with the wrong veterinarian, the wrong shelter but Norman is at the Haven and will be safe till the day he either finds a home or dies of natural causes. Please google FIV, take the stigma out of it. FIV cats should be kept confined so as not to spread the disease, other cats in the house can be vaccinated, good food, check ups, worming and vaccinations up to scratch and again please, google. FIV can’t be transferred to humans, only to other cats if not vaccinated. M/C 956000008914958.

Norman is proudly sponsored by Johannes, Fabian, cats Anna and Havenite Leo/Garnet.

I want a forever homeHardy
Hardy is a little scared cat, responding very well to a cuddle. If I only knew what has happened in his life to make him so sad, so depressed I would do it. In the meantime he gets a lot of time spent on him and he loves to be stroked gently. This a is a cat I would love to get out of her and into a loving caring home asap because Hardy is suffering. He will suit someone who has got the time and willingness and of course a quiet home. He is a tabby and he will bloom. He is pictured here with his sponsor Rebecca who also tok a shine to him. M/C 900012000360106.

Sadie is proudly sponsored by Rebecca and cats Beetle and Rosie.

I want a forever homeHarry
Harry is a bit weary of this place but he does like the food, he does like the warm bed and although he pretends not to like pats he secretly enjoys them. Another cat used to dogs. M/C 956000008900866

Harry is proudly sponsored by Lara, Graham, Rowan and 2 adoptees from Ingrid's Haven.

I want a forever homePya
Pya is a little rotund cat with a very short tail and a semi long haired coat. She is a little shy but get hold of her and she enjoys a cuddle. She doesn’t come from the best of homes judging by the state she was in upon arrival but things can change, miracles have happened and will do so again. M/C 956000002958988

Pya is proudly sponsored by Celeste and Henry, cats Sally, Darryl, Babe, Hannes and Tico.

I want a forever homeFergie
Fergie is young and very shy but still she is a happy little soul and she has got this habit of carrying her tail along her back. Fergie is dog and cat friendly, humans need to convince her of their intest before she will fully trust them. M/C 956000003250371

Fergie is proudly sponsored by Julia and David.

Amalia was due for the green dream because her owner couldn’t be bothered to take her with her when she moved. Why should she have to die because she was taken in on a whim as a kitten? Cats can easily live to 18–20 years old and they are meant to be forever. Amalia is one nice cat, easy going and cuddly once she has made sure the human is trustworthy. M/C 956000001417376

Amalia is proudly sponsored byChloe and diva cat Kimmy and former Havenite Cloud.
Click here to find out how you can sponsor a cat.  

Beatrice is a middle aged cat that has finally overcome her shyness towards humans. She is a cat that will roll in front of your feet to let you know you are acceptable to her. She has lived with other cats all her life and she is used to dogs. The change in this little feline is absolutely heart warming. M/C 956000000668235

Beatrice is proudly sponsored by Liberty and her family
I want a forever homeInca
Inca is 11 yrs old , very affectionate but will not get along with kids nor other cats. Inca is very good with dogs and would be great for company for someone wanting only one cat, a cat that has go so much affection to spare for her human. Remember it is greater to give than take and these older cat have to compete with the younger ones and the kittens. M/C 956000008900623

Inca is proudly sponsored by Annie and cats Angel and Suki.

I want a forever homeRoss
Ross, note he is a tabby, tabbies have so much to give and are such people cats given the opportunity. Ross needs to build his confidence up, he needs to learn that some people can be very nice and loving. Will you be the one to turn Ross into a confident, he is already loving but insecure, lapcat? M/C 956000008669523.

Ross is proudly sponsored by Paula, cats Pattie, George and Myfanwy.

I want a forever homeFerguson
Ferguson is a young boy, he is a scardy cat but with handling there’s hope for even such a little rascal as Ferguson. Ferguson is very used to other cats and has no problem with dogs. He only needs assurance that people can be nice and that a cuddle is something to cuddle into not strain away from. M/C 956000003259387.

Ferguson is proudly sponsored by Roslyn and Lindsey, former Havenites Ginny and Tess.

I want a forever homeBeckham
Beckham is black and in this case it was an unlucky colour for him as he turned out to be FIV positive when tested. FIV is not a death sentence in any way, well, it can be if you end up with the wrong veterinarian, the wrong shelter but Beckham is at the Haven and will be safe till the day he either finds a home or dies of natural causes. Please google FIV, take the stigma out of it. FIV cats should be kept confined so as not to spread the disease, other cats in the house hold can be vaccinated, good food, check ups, worming and vaccinations up to scratch and again please, google. FIV can’t be transferred to humans, only to other cats if not vaccinated. M/C 956000008902084

Beckham is proudly sponsored by Katie & Anthony in memory of Amy .

Pamela, this cat has been at the Haven for a number of years now. Pamela is looking for a forever home, a home is something she has a distant memory of and I would dearly love someone to jog that memory. This time there is no need to turf her out because she is pregnant and needs help, Pamela is spayed and will be a lovely companion to a decent person. M/C 956000001613944

Pamela is proudly sponsored by Marie and Havenite Morris.

I want a forever homeJulia
Julia is a pretty young girl but a tad timid. She hasn’t worked out yet that everyone on two legs around her at the Haven is actually very cat friendly and it makes me wonder why she is scared of humans. Get hold of her though and she relaxes. She will be an asset to anyne who gives her confidence back. M/C 956000008644413.

Julia is proudly sponsored by Catherine and Justin, and cats Omah, Tula and Ned.

I want a forever homeBoppa
Boppa is little and scared, she comes from the streets and has done it tough and still there’s no mean bone in her little body. She loves being picked up and hel tightly and she loves being warm, having spent the entire winter as a street cat eating out of a dumpster. M/C 956000002964350.

Boppa is proudly sponsored by Graham, Carlee, cats Daisy and Willamina.

I want a forever homeFlossy
Flossy, she can talk this one. Flossy is deaf and with her white complexion must live as an inside cat. She is very charming but doesn’t get on too well with other cats unless she is properly introduced and given space for the first few weeks. M/C 956000008647606.

Flossy is proudly sponsored by Linda, Dave & Luckie.

I want a forever homeLynda
Lynda, she is young, she is beautiful, she is full of energy. She might not like to be picked up much but she wants to sit next to you for a pat while she catches her breath before running off again to chase those imaginary mice and rats. Lynda goes very well with other cats and dogs. M/C 956000008913388.

Lynda is proudly sponsored by Rachel, in memory of ginger/white Cinnamon.

Adopt me today!Rebecca
Rebecca was surrendered to the pound to be euthanased as her owner didn’t have the guts to do it themselves after seven years of unconditional love from their cat. This was their thank you to her. Rebecca survived the pound and she is now looking for someone that will stay true to her and not treat her as an ‘until’ cat. Please do not adopt or take in an animal if it is not for life, the animals as a rule pay with their lives. 956000000283489.

Rebecca is proudly sponsored by Robyn, Clive, dog Molly and Havenite Anthony.

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

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Griselda now lives in Essendon, Melbourne, with her mum and dad ... and her best friend, a beagle.

Ingrid's Haven, PO Box PO Box 323, Broadford 3658 Victoria.
Call 0417 360 700.

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