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Updated January 14, 2016

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All cats and kittens are desexed, wormed, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. Adult cats are $110, kittens under six months $150. These prices are to cover the desexing and vacccinations etc. Some purebreds may cost more.Contact Ingrid for more information about the beautiful cats.
If you'd like to adopt a cat, call Ingrid on 0417 360 700, or email
The Haven is open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, or by appointment.

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I want a forever homeVivienne
Vivienne took some trapping to do but finally she was caught and brought to me. Vivienne is stunningly beautiful to look at and she is as beautiful on the inside as well. Vivienne doesn’t care much about the other cats, she has made it clear that please adopt her and she will happily adopt a kitten at the same time or some time later. This little beauty has been roughly treated by humans so may hide to begin with but she loves a pat and a cuddle. M/C 956000004343287

Vivienne is proudly sponsored by Rebeca and her cats Beetle and Rosie

I want a forever homeNellie
Nellie arrived with little ones in tow, rescued by a kind man from an industrial estate. Nellie had only been handled and fed by men so wasn’t quite sure about all these women she suddenly was surrounded by. She has accepted us now, we do after all feed her. Nellie though turned out to be FIV positive while all her kittens are negative. This little mama cat deserves a home so badly. FIV is not a death sentence in any way and I do adopt out rather a few of these lovely cats. Remember that we know that Nellie is positive, she doesn’t, but what says that a negative cat wont develop an illness, that something we don’t know. Google FIV, educate yourself and every single adopter who has taken in a positive cat just love them, they are for some reason so people orientated. M/C 956000004496002.

Nellie is proudly sponsored by Genevieve, Jules, Harry and in memory of Ken

I want a forever homeMax
Max, he is a happy go lucky young boy, can’t get enough of love and has love in abundance to give. Despite his tender age, he lost his owner to cancer and is now on the look out for another family, preferably with a few kids and a dog. M/C 95600000.

Max is proudly sponsored by Stella and her pets from Hoppers Crossing

I want a forever homeSharlie
Sharlie, her name needs to be changed as it has only brought her heartache and pain was surrendered to the pound for some unknown reason. The cat loves to snuggle, she is fine with the others felines and has already made best friends with a male cat in her enclosure. Why I can never understand why people give up on their family, I still think that the family didn’t deserve to have her and I hope with all my heart they will never get another animal. Totally unacceptable, only death is a fair enough excuse and then arrangements should have been made for the animal. Shatlie is far better off without them. M/C 953010000166138

Sharlie is proudly sponsored by Therese and James, cats Sooty, Kit, Kat, Fergus, Biscuit, Mozart and Savannah, dogs Tayla and Indi.

I want a forever homeSusanne
Susanne, this super lovely beautiful cat has enriched the world with five beautiful little babies and then I put a stop to her productive years. Susanne is fine with dogs, she loves a cuddle and she simply is a must have. M/C 956000005395748.

Susanne is proudly sponsored by Dario and Sally.

I want a forever homeJohn Silver
John Silver because he is a silver tabby. The cat is not named after the pirate. John Silver is utterly handsome but he struggles to come to terms with shelter life. He looks reassured when I pat him but he refuses to come out of his hidey hole. Time will help him, a home even more so. There terrified cats have so much to give once they feel confident again. M/C 956000004891270 John Silver is also proudly sponsored by Wendy and Tim, their cats, in memory of parrot Nigel.

John Silver is also proudly sponsored by Karen and Kevin, cat Babe in memory of Tigger, Littley, Jazz and Bear.

I want a forever homeMillie
Millie is a Memory cat and named after a much loved feline that passed away far too young. My Millie arrived with babies, very proud of herself but those days are over and Millie is looking for a home. She is super sweet and tabby. Tabbies are the best, so people orientated. M/C 956000004483575.

Millie is proudly sponsored by Kim and her cat Tobey

I want a forever homeKitty
Kitty somehow ended up in the pound due to family disagreements and he is now up for adoption. This very handsome cat must be an inside cat as he is a hunter and I mean hunter. I don’t approve of roaming cats anyway, all cats should be kept safe from evil humans poisoning them, traffic, foxes, neighbouring dogs and stray cats with FIV. Native and non native wildlife want to live too. Still Kitty is a snuggler and seems to be very easy going. M/C 953010000029635.

Kitty is proudly sponsored by Gabrielle, Andrew, cats Latte, Casper, Spike and Milo

I want a forever homeEmil
Emil, look at this handsome boy. He is super affectionate, he is calm and collected. I think he will be the perfect family cat. M/C 956000005392776.

Emil is proudly sponsored by Lou and ex havenites Rose and Dudley in memory of Dougal.

I want a forever homeBig Boffa
Big Boffa, well, here is a cat for the cat fanciers. He is a new arrival and already has captured every heart that has met him. He is big, he purrs constantly and he has taken another little positive cat under his paw, making his friend feel secure in a very uncertain world. Big Boffa tested positive to FIV which might be sad as it will limit his chances of a home but more and more people are getting informed about the virus and really the only difference is that we know he is positive. You can adopt a negative cat that can develop any sort of illness because the fact is, there is no guarantees in life and if you don’t look after your cat properly the chances are that cat may also become infected by being fought by a positive cat. M/C 956000005406222.

Big Bofffa is proudly sponsored by Nicole in memory of Mervis.

I want a forever homeMiriam
Miriam, has been here long enough, she is related to a few of the other cats in the Pucka’s enclosure. She is a beautiful cat but doesn’t sell herself. Miriam is used to dogs and gets on well with her fellow felines. M/C956000003405570.

Miriam is proudly sponsored by Robyn and havenites Alice Jane and Cinders

I want a forever homeEric
Eric, a semi longhaired handsome boy in ginger. Eric was very matted upon arrival and needed a full clip. He is out and about, cuddling his way through life. He has been owned but of course wasn’t de-sexed or anything else and then only the pound awaits for such a cat. Now Eric was smart enough to end up in the right pound and so got to keep his life. M/C 956000008856447.

Eric is proudly sponsored by Caryn, cats Nushka and Jaffa in memory of Chelli

I want a forever homeAnnie
Annie, beautiful dog-friendly cat has also done her bit for the cat population but lovely as she is I had to put a stop to her breeding days. I could say so much about irresponsible owners, the absolute no caring when it comes to cats, the ‘me’ society we live in and I actually think it should be compulsory for school kids to witness a day at a kill shelter; maybe, maybe then the world may change a tiny bit for the felines. M/C 956000005582123.

Annie is proudly is proudly sponsored by Tim and Leanne, their two cats Jessie and Bear.

I want a forever homeWendy
Wendy was dumped in a carrier with her kittens and how anyone can treat a mother cat like this is beyond me. Unfortunately one of the kittens didn’t survive the cramped conditions and for my husband to find them in the morning was pretty devastating. No phone call was made, they were dumped like some garbage. This is not acceptable behaviour when we have pounds, vet clinics, shelters that can be notified if you want to get rid of your cat but cruelty is not and never will be accepted. Whoever did this is entirely at fault as had Wendy been de-sexed she would never have had these kittens but as always everyone can afford to eat junk food, drink and smoke but to get free de-sexing for your cat is far too expensive. Wendy herself is a sweetie but she has had a rough trot in life and god help the person who mistreats a cat of mine. I will make sure Wendy goes to a home she has no idea even exists to make up for what was done to her. M/C 956000004494789.

Wendy is proudly sponsored by Brioni and Hannan, in memory of Dee Dee

I want a forever homeKarl Alfred
Karl Alfred, big male in ginger. He is a bit shell shocked by having become a shelter cat but he was calm and collected when I picked him up. This cat will become a super lap cat given the chance and he gets along with his fellow inmates. Beng an un de-sexed male as he was upon arrival he would have met many a dog so dogs should not be a problem. M/C 95600000449273.

Karl Alfred is proudly sponsored by Rebecca-Lee and havenites Phoebe, Maximus and Ali.

I want a forever homeJessica
Jessica, this beautiful mama cat, will soon be ready to find a home herself with or without one or two of her off spring. Jessica is not keen on other cats but she is very keen on humans and if they have food to offer her love knows no boundaries. M/C to be displayed when Jessica has been de-sexed.

Jessica is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Alyssa, Tara & cat Bella

I want a forever homeUrsula
Ursula is a tiny female, very unsure of herself upon arrival but after some coaxing she finally accepted a pat and then she wanted more and more. Now she waits for it and looks at me as ‘have you forgotten me?’ if I start patting someone else first. Ursula is so sweet and she is dog and cat friendly. M/C 956000004497774.

Ursula is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeMorgan
Morgan a super sweet young cat. At first he plays hard to get, then when you get him he can’t get enough and he loves cuddles. Morgan gets on fine with the other cats and is fine with dogs. Note that he is a tabby. M/C 956000004325022.

Morgan is proudly sponsored by Mary for her sister Carol's birthday.

I want a forever homeArlene
Arlene was owned but somehow she had kittens, probably because her owner hadn’t bothered to de-sex the cat. Well, Arlene lost her home, she and her little ones found their way to the Haven and here Arlene sits, waiting for a home which may very likely never happen due to fierce competition. It could so easily have been avoided but somehow cats seem to have no value to far too many people. M/C 956000004366154.

Arlene is proudly sponsored by Jo and Bree.

I want a forever homeDeeDee
DeeDee is a young, a bit shy girl who would love to take that final step over to completely trust a human. Deedee is used to dogs, gets along perfectly fine with the other cats and is very pretty. Once her trust is won she will be THE cat. M/C 956000004342077.

DeeDee is proudly sponsored by Amy, Sam and cat Hugo

I want a forever homeBilly
Billy, he is one hungry boy and like most of the cats ending up at the Haven was not de-sexed and I thought a re-testing of FIV was in order just to be on the safe side. Billy is negative and he loves people but I do think food is his first love. Every time we pass his pen a little paw sticks out to haul us in for a pat. One thing Billy doesn’t like are dogs so please, keep this in mind when you’re coming to adopt him. M/C 95600000541485.

Billy is proudly sponsored by Pip, Alex, Ruby, Olivia and their furbabies Stella, Memphis, Saucey, Banjo and Chardy.

I want a forever homeLaura
Laura, a black beauty in a longish coat. Laura may not be a spring kitten but she’s not that old either. She had hoped for a home sooner rather than later but it hasn’t happen and she is very eager to find someone that will love her. She is semi alright with other cats. One can always refrain from the mistake I did many moons ago, adopt an adult cat first and then you can add as many kittens as you’d like, the other way around can be slightly tricky. M/C 956000004256576.

Laura is proudly sponsored by Heidi and Havenite Lara/Marli.

I want a forever homeJustin
Justin, a young lad, is very sweet like most positive cats. He has a good friend in one of the other new boys, being washed and being allowed to curl up in bed with him. It is so sweet to see how Justin’s friend looks after him. Justin has of course been a free roaming cat and hence he contracted the virus. FIV is no death sentence at all. Good care, inside home, worming, vaccinations and the really good news are that the cats themselves are not aware of carrying the virus. Please, google FIV in cats and come and adopt a couple of the positive ones, they are all adorable. FIV is the same virus as HIV but cannot be transmitted to any other specie. .M/C 956000005413338.

Justin is proudly sponsored by Susie and Terry, cats Max and Trim and former Havenite Jessica/Molly, Dudley & Toby, Lily & Ingi

I want a forever homeKathleen
Kathleen has a tragic story behind her. She has obviously been dumped as she is used to humans but a tad shy. Kathleen had been hit by a car and that’s how she ended up in the pound but the poor girl was also heavily pregnant and aborted her kittens as a result of the accident. She needs all the care she can get, she needs to start believing in humans again, she needs a home and an inside home due to her pale complexion, she doesn’t need skin cancer on top of everything else. M/C 956000004321414.

Kathleen is proudly sponsored by Beth, Rod, Ellie and all their cats as a Christmas present to Kath, a very dear friend of mine

I want a forever homeRhett
Rhett this absolutely gorgeous boy in tabby, mind you, would grace any home. Rhett is always available for a pat and a kiss or a cuddle. This little boy didn’t have the best start in life but the future is what we will concentrate on and it is going to be a bright one. M/C 956000004343765

Rhett is proudly sponsored by Tanya Dellaportas.

I want a forever homeFreddy
Freddy is another one of the hoarder cats that arrived last winter. He is a tiiny bit weary but when given a chance he loves his cuddles. Freddy is very used to other cats and dogs, being a tabby helps of course, they are kind of special. M/C 956000004377054.

Freddy is proudly sponsored by Liz, her three cats and dog.

I want a forever homeTamika
Tamika is a very friendly cat and she goes well with other cats being young herself. Tamika is fine with dogs and I think she is on the lookout for a family but a single person wanting this beauty will do perfectly well too. M/C 956000005403807 Tamika is proudly sponsored by Robyn, Clive, dog Molly and Havenite Anthony.

Tamika is proudly sponsored by Robyn, Clive, dog Molly and Havenite Anthony.

I want a forever homeDolph
Dolph is a young cat and he has been so funny. Dolph arrived with his three siblings from the pound as juveniles. Brothers and sister were quickly re homed but Dolph insisted on being very elusive, ‘don’t touch me, I hate you’ behaviour. Then the time came for Dolph to move out to an enclosure and to muy surprise, who came up to me asking for cuddles. If ever there was a reformed character it would have to be Dolph. Dolph is very used to other cats and dogs.M/C 956000004056584.

Dolph is proudly sponsored by Karen and her cat Lucy.

I want a forever homeBanjo
Banjo has had a hard time getting used to shelter life but he is coming around. It just takes some a bit longer for some cats to realise that kindness and looking after is the key when you run a shelter and many volunteers that offer cuddles. Banjo can have a great future ahead of him if only he dares trust people he hasn’t seen before. M/C 956000004321525.

Banjo proudly sponsored by Jen and Troy, cats Gizzy and Jet

I want a forever homeErling III
Erling the III. Erling is so very affectionate, you can see him watching out for a pat and a cuddle and one can’t help but to love him. He needs to be protected from the sun with his white colouring but who wouldn’t love to have this cat on the couch of a night time watching TV together? M/C 956000004475749.

Erling is proudly sponsored by Lynne and Björn Hestdal in memory of Erling, the Norwegian man who loved cats.

I want a forever homeRosey
Can you, please, change Rosey’s text as she has now had the op.
Rosey is a senior lady surrendered to the pound. She is a very sweet cat but she had an untreated condition with her knees called Luxating Patella where the knee joints go out of the knee caps. Rosey has had both her knee joints repaired, she is almost like a new cat and is now eager for a home. She would prefer no other cats in the house and would be perfectly suited to an older person. Does anyone have room for a Rosey cat? M/C 956000008846965.

Rosey is proudly sponsored by Marco in memory of her mother Teresa and his brother Erik

I want a forever homeElla & Bella
Ella (pictured) & Bella are young mothers, not even a year old themselves and they have nine kittens between them. They are beautiful cats, very affectionate and the little babies are plump and well cared for by their young mothers. The mums have of course not had any medical procedures yet and will be put up for adoption once the kids are old enough to leave home. They would love to take a baby with them into their new homes.

Ella is proudly sponsored by Katrina and cat Maya
Bella is proudly sponsored Julie & David in the USA in memory of Libri.

I want a forever homeRalph
Ralph a little boy that is so very shy. He is the prettiest teenager around but will need a lot of handling to overcome his fear of humans. Once he has learnt to trust his owner a cat like Ralph will be the most devoted feline but still remain scared of other humans. M/C 956000004369081.

Ralph is proudly sponsored by Carolyn, Fiona, Tara, Mikayla and the cats

I want a forever homeWatkins
Watkins is a cat that would be very suitable on a farm. He likes the indoors too but would like to be able to walk around in nature, keeping a stable free of mice, accepting a cuddle from his owner and in general laze about being a cat. M/C 956000001357114.

Watkins is proudly sponsored by Laurinda

I want a forever homeEdgar
Edgar arrived as a street cat and has he put some weight on! He is a delightful fella, likes to take it easy, often sunning himself because he really shouldn’t. He would like a home where all comforts are to be had, he has had enough of rough living. M/C 956000004357161.

Edgar is proudly sponsored by Cheryl, in memory of Zena and Puss.

I want a forever homeAlice
Alice found her way to the Haven and is thriving with good food, a worm tablet and a soft bed to sleep in. Alice is a sweet little thing and would be perfect as a family cat, if no family is available she’ll be just as happy with only a mum or a dad. M/C 956000004323778.

Alice is proudly sponsored by Joo and Ellen, cat MissyViray

I want a forever homeGhost
Ghost was abandoned by his owner and left to starve and starve he did. He looked a mess upon arrival, full of fleas, ear mites and bones sticking out. Why on earth is it so difficult to either surrender your cat to a pound/shelter or arrange a home? Does it give people a kick to know that your animal is suffering? Ghost is blossoming at the Haven and is the sweetest boy but he must be an inside cat due to his very pale complexion. M/C 956000004373825.

Ghost is proudly sponsored by as a birthday gift to Carla from her sister Sonya

I want a forever homeLou & Louella
Lou and Louella are a yound sister and brother duo. The pair is rather close and would love a home together, out of the harmful rays of the sun. They are lovely cats and can purr up a storm. It wasn’t their fault the owner ‘forgot’ to de-sex them. 956000004344777, M/C 956000004336920.

Lou is proudly sponsored by Laura, Michael, cats Mathilda and havenite Pirate Louella is proudly sponsored by Sandra, Peter, and dogs Mackey, Kel and Cozzie. Cats Leo and havenite Jessie.

I want a forever homeEvan
Evan is a big strong cat, arrived with abscesses and very beaten up from the pound and of course he is FIV positive. He pretends he is this macho guy but pat him and he starts purring. Evan is named after the ranger that saved his life. Please google FIV in cats, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of the FIV cats out of Philadelphia. These cats don’t know they carry the virus, don’t act differently from other cats but they must be confined and as a rule they are such people pleasurers. M/C 9560000043452430.

Evan is proudly sponsored by Drea, and cats Kola, Coco, Diva and Dante in memory of my late husband Trevor

I want a forever homePepsi
Pepsi is a beautiful jet black cat with golden eyes. He arrived with Eartha Kit and the likelihood is that they were gotten rid of because they weren’t de-sexed and I am pretty sure a new ‘free’ kitten have taken their place by now. Pepsi is affectionate and dog friendly. M/C 956000004373448.

Pepsi is proudly sponsored by Lillian, Adrian & former havenite Mario

I want a forever homeMoberg
Moberg, what ever happened to him? I have three very look a likes and they arrived within weeks of one another. Moberg loves affection but he is not a happy boy, he can’t understand why everything was taken away from him and he just wants someone to love and care for him. M/C 956000004351401

Moberg is proudly sponsored by Damian and Jennie in memory of Wuzza and St John.

I want a forever homeEartha Kit
Eartha Kit arrived with brother Pepsi but the pair is not close. Eartha Kit. Eartha Kit prefers a quiet household with maybe one more cat in it, her brother or a kitten. Very affectionate and easy going. M/C 956000004383511

Eartha Kit proudly sponsored by Tamara and all her work mates.

I want a forever homeEbony
Ebony is black as the night and very beautiful. Ebony has got sisters and brothers here as they are all from a hoarder so I can easily state she gets on well with cats and she is fine with dogs. Only young and she would love to find out what it means living in a real house with her owner. M/C 956000004322950

Ebony is proudly sponsored by Suzanne and furbabies Pippi Longstocking, Monkey Magic, Henry, Winter and FIV Positive Casper in memory of Cheeky, Weedlebee and Felix.

I want a forever homeJonathan
Johathan is big, he is actually so big it is unhealthy. This cat needs to slim down or diabetes will pop up one day. There are several methods on dieting a cat andthis with exercise will ensure this lovely boy a happy and healthy future. Jonathan is very easy going in most situations. M/C 956000008825121

Jonathan is proudly sponsored by Melissa, and cats Moulin, Teddy and havenite Slinky

I want a forever homeFreya
Freya beautiful girl in tabby and yet another hoarder cat. These cats have not been treated badly but they were left to breed left right and centre and the situation got out of hand M/C 956000004349037

Freya is proudly sponsored by Cheryl in memory of Cain, who loved cats.

I want a forever homeKelly
Kelly, named after her veterinarian as both are sweet. Kellie is not too keen on others of her specie but she does likes humans, she does like raw chicken necks and she prefers a fish diet. Has anyone got room for a Kelly cat? M/C 956000004244576

Kelly is proudly sponsored by Saskia and cat Pearl.

I want a forever homeWally
Wally is a young street cat in dire need of a home. Wally had a badly injured tail which I had amputated and a tooth that needed to come out. What happened to this little cat no one knows but he is skin and bone, he is FIV positive, he has had such an awful life up till now and only one thing can make it 100%; a home. Please consider changing the world for this helpless little cat, he has done nothing wrong. M/C 956000004369013

Wally is proudly sponsored by Ros, Dylan and Alvin

I want a forever homeMarcus
Marcus in semi long hair black/white was abandoned by his owner when they moved. A kind neighbour took pity on the cat and brought him to the Haven. Marcus is a bit shy but nothing that some TLC can’t fix. Marcus is fine with dogs. M/C 956000004471851.

Marcus is proudly sponsored by Marty and Mary, cats Max, Pepsi, Moe and Munster

I want a forever homeGypsy
Gypsy, yet another FIV positive cat. He is the sweetest soul but can’t understand what he is doing in a shelter. Gypsy has had some head trauma, his mouth looks a bit funny and he has lost a tooth but this doesn’t stop him from showing affection when it is bestowed upon him. FIV is a virus, same as HIV but can not be transferred to either humans or dogs, only btw cats.Please read up on FIV and consider giving Gypsy a home. M/C 956000004118640.

Gypsy is proudly sponsored by Tania and Damo, cats Stella and Cinnamon.

I want a forever homeSally
Sally, wonderful cat. She has had kittens and as always mama remains a shelter cat. Sally is very affectionate and keeps her coat in excellent condition. Sally is used to dogs and gets along fine with other cats. M/C 956000008899052.

Sally is proudly sponsored by Sharyn, in memory of Flynn.

I want a forever homeTurbo
Turbo is a brother to Diesel but the two don’t have to go together, they are not particularly close. Turbo is a bit more outgoing and used to other cats as he is also a hoarder cat. Diesel has also been vaccinated against the FIV virus. M/C 956000004449178.

Turbo is proudly sponsored by Diana and her two havenites Texas and Paulette

I want a forever homeGarfield
Garfield, a street cat and he is big. Garfield has been living on and off with people but was never owned and loved as a cat should be. His life hasn’t been easy, he is used to wide open spaces and I can see him on a country property because I don’t think this cat will settle being confined to the great indoors at all times. He loves being groomed, doesn’t want to much picking up and cuddle but he wants pats and he needs patience, not all have been kind to him. Still he is one great cat and a favourite with the vollies. M/C 956000008306804.

Garfield is proudly sponsored by Dakota and her cats.
I want a forever homeHannah
Hannah, well, she discovered the electric blankets on the bed and she sticks to it. I assume this little feline has had experienced a lot of cold in her young life so she is now making the most of the heat. Hannah is sweet, not in your face but never says no to a cuddle and a pat. M/C 956000004334152.

Hannah is proudly sponsored by Emma, in memory of Zona.

I want a forever homeMacca
Macca, another unhappy soul. His owner didn’t want him any longer so he was surrendered to a pound but got out alive. Macca is very sweet and he would love a home where he can start out as the first cat, he has expressed interest in getting a little sister later after he has settled in with his new family. M/C 982000361973358.

Macca is proudly sponsored by Christine, and cats Teddy Sebastien, Molly and Cheeky.

I want a forever homeVerity
Verity likes a cuddle and she likes her food. This cat is a nice all rounder, gets along with anybody it seems. Verity was of course a free kitten once and as such had no value to her owner. Please, come and show Verity that there are humans out there that can love and cherish an animal for life. M/C 956000004745660.

Verity is proudly sponsored by Claire Smith, cats Poppet, Morris, Zach & Myfanwy from WA.

I want a forever homeLeif
Leif, stunning looking cat. He is not too fond of males of his own specie but otherwise seems to be getting along fine with the girls. He is another cat that has got a lot of time for cuddles and I would say he will need a bit of grooming every now and then. This can be done while you watch TV together on the couch. M/C 982000364600451.

Leif is proudly sponsored by Emma in memory of Millie who passed away.

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

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Theresa, Ash and former Havenite Kendall Parkes of Fairfield, Vic

Lee Taylor and all her cats

Alison and former Havenites Olive, Archie amnd Barney, in memory of Buffy and Brixton

Helen, and cats Gretel and Monty - in loving memory of brother Rowlland, mother Voula and father Nicholas, and the departed cats Will, Sooty, Sugar, Tabasco, Vyvyan, Snowie-Bowie, Li'l Stranger, Mavraki, Lo-Lo, and Patch and her babies.

Ruth and former Havenite Mavis (sponsors of all the Haven's senior cats)

Anita and Ian and all their cats

Lee, dog Rosie and former Havenites Jespah, Brindy
and Tia

Gemma, Eamon and former Havenites Fru, Eric, Hahn, Turbo Diesel and Sasquatch

Shirley and former Havenite Katman

Cathy, Chris, cat Monty and former havenite Phantom

Linda, and her sons Kyle and Casey

In memory of Ging ... a champion among catsr

Erin, in memory
of Puss

Carolyn Bryars & Stephen Standley, cats Don & Dee for the AIDS cats

Anna, Emmanuel, Marihiam, cats Hansel, former havenites Basui and Andrew,
dog Alfred.
In memory of Zach, the son

Jacqui, Myia, pets Linc, Whiskers, Kimbo, Des, Magda and the Havenites Spunky and Brenda

Bradley and Jaydin, Havenites
Salt and Pepper

Jenny, Bruce, Harry the dog and cats Jack, Minty & former Havenite Ruby (Rubina).
In memory of Emmy
and White


Susie and Terry, cats Trim and Havenite Jessica/Molly, in memory of Max.

Jeremy and his cats Knuckle, Bitty, Loreli and Lockie

Alison, and cats
Alan and Eunice and Haveite Darren

Jenny, cats Charlie, Zoe and Havenites Sophie, Sean, Toby, Boy Madonna and Audrey

Martin, Marthese, cats Qattusa, Jimi and Tina

Robyn and former Havenite Misty Blue in memory of Wussie

Simone and dog Roxy

Keri and cat Milly

Maria of Glenroy

Lorein and her cat

Sue, Ian, Alec, James and Havenites Fred and Ginger

Delwyn and cat Sabrina

Stephen and Sally Bradbury, cats Tigger, Scruffy, Tom and Missy . In memory of Lucky

Karen and Matt, havenites Oliver and Lily

Lisa and cat Mia

Carolyn & former havenite Whitmore

Jose and cat Cinder from Spain

Jess and Macca, and cats Oscar and Meathead.

Janice and cat Molly, in loving memory of Max & Ebony

Azadi, Tim and Mahshid with cats Sosol and Samira

Jo, her dogs Baxter and Marty, cats Sebastian and Lily

Jolinda, cats Della, Inca and Mouse


Jacki, cats Gunter, Izzy and Mincey

Sue and Havenite Annie

Lina, Annette, Alyssa, cats Spot, Skinny and Fluff

Tabitha in memory of RooRoo

Marge B from Boston

Dawn, cats Luna, Whispurr, Mambo and Cabbage for a very special cat

Peter and Trish in memory of our Stanley Cat

Leanne and cat Roughie

Jade and her cat

Roz and Lib in memory of Marta and Mara

Liz in memory of Precious

Marie, cats Tiger, Louie and Tabitha, in memory of Pixie

Christina, Mun-Yee & Skyler Meow

Judy and her cats Big Puss, Little Piss in Memory of Tim and cat OP

Julie, Paul and cat Erik, in memory of Roxanne and Kitty

Meah and Justin, dog Barkley and havenite Guy/Rupert

Gillian, cats aGGI and JiZe

Jeanne, Dale and Zhara McArthur in memory of our Max

Sally and Markham, beloved cat Jess

PG and Kelly and a very special
ginger cat

Bex, havenites
Felix and Zac,
in memory of Asia

Tasma and cat Minou, Skövde, Sweden

Evelyn and Laurent, havenites Lola and Misha

Kristy and her cats Samuel and Lucy - in memory of Tabitha

Kellie, Mick, dog Foxy and cat Max

Anna and Steph

Jeanette, dog Mindy and cat Sylvie

Tereza, Alyssa, cats Baci and Neko

Beth, Brad and former Havenite Batman

Rosemary and tabby cat Pajamas

Jenny, and cats Bailey andHester

Katie, Kitty, cats Arlo and Shelby, in memory of Genie

Venesa, Phil and former Havenite Sue/Meeka

Boli, cats Queenie and Dot

Christina Branidis, sponsor for Senior enclosure 2 rescue pussycats, brothers Humphrey and Houdini, in memory of Moggy

Robyn, her two cats in memory of Rahnee and Meah

Angela in memory of Zeus

Tamika, Paul, Bennett, FIV cats Belle and Sebastian