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Updated September 13, 2016

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All cats and kittens are desexed, wormed, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. Adult cats are $110, kittens under six months $150. These prices are to cover the desexing and vacccinations etc. Some purebreds may cost more.Contact Ingrid for more information about the beautiful cats.
If you'd like to adopt a cat, call Ingrid on 0417 360 700, or email
The Haven is open on Saturdays from 11am-4pm, or by appointment.

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I want a forever homeThomas
Thomas, this very sweet affectionate young boy is a must have. Thomas is used to live with other cats and is fine with dogs. He is a big guy and could probably do with some weight loss. M/C 956000006227785

Thomas is proudly sponsored by Lara, Graham, Rowan and 2 adoptees from Ingrid's Haven.

I want a forever homeBubbles
Bubbles, this older lady was to have her life cut short because of the family dog. You guessed right, Bubbles doesn’t like dogs but not everyone in this world has a dog either so there’s plenty of hope for darling Bubbles. Bubbles would like a quiet household, she loves to be patted, she has just been to the dentist and now has this white glistening smile for the person that will whisk her off to a forever home. M/C 956000005404555 Bubbles is proudly sponsored by Louise in memory of Zen and Freyja

I want a forever homeStanely
Stanley lover boy in black pretended he didn’t like people upon arrival Bah, he loves us. Scratch him around the ears and he can’t help himself but starts purring like a V8 engine. He is a little jewel. Stanley is fine with both cats and dogs and there’s no pet like a de-sexed male cat. M/C 956000006223963

Stanley is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeOscar
Oscar, this middle-aged man came in to the clinic with an injured eye. His veterinarian has decided against taking the eye out, Oscar is not in pain either but should the need arise and Oscar is to lose his eye, then his finder and I are happy to help. The injury to Oscar’s eye shows clearly that cats are safer inside and with an enclosure and I can preach till the cows come home. Oscar needs a loving home so badly, he is fine with dogs and he loves to be patted. I have not yet tried him with cats but why not adopt Oscar and then get a kitten later for him. M/C 956000005419146

Oscar is proudly sponsored for Kath’s birthday by her sister Deb.

I want a forever homeTinka
Tinka is a young very affectionate girl. She is not overly fond of her fellow felines but her love for people is huge. Maybe start with Tinka and then add a couple of kittens later on because as the saying goes ‘cats are like potato chips, one can’t have one only….’ M/C 956000005418363

Tinka is proudly sponsored by Natalie and L-Series aka Shirley

I want a forever homeMathilda
Mathilda is a super sweet young girl in all black. She is cat and dog friendly, gets on well with kids. Super cat in other words. M/C 956000006245681

Mathilda is proudly sponsored by David and his cat Tom

I want a forever homeCaptain Whiskey
Captain Whiskey has had a very rough life and he talks about it. All one can do is to cuddle him and assure him that from now on he will be safe, will get fed every day, will always have a place to rest his head without a worry. Captain Whiskey is also FIV positive, he has some kidney issues and his ears are sunburnt but not to the extent that they need to be amputated yet. He is possibly deaf but he is very alert to what goes on around him.
FIV is no great deal. I suggest google the virus, inform yourself and then come and adopt one or two of the positive cats. They are for some reason so very people orientated. M/C 956000005414831

Captain Whiskey is proudly sponsored by Heather, cat Sammie, in memory of Annie

I want a forever homeHelmer
Helmer a former hoarder cat has settled in with the luxury of food on tap, a warm soft bed for cold nights and some of his relatives around him. Helmer is very used to other cats and is fine with dogs. A true country boy this one. M/C 956000004447689

Helmer is proudly sponsored by Robyn, ex havenites Bella and Kitty.

I want a forever homeMissy
Missy is a sweet girl but she doesn’t like to be over cuddled. Missy would suit a home where someone wants a cat on the cat’s terms. No constantly picking up to be cuddled. Missy want to be a companion, not a teddy bear. She will because of this suit someone who works long hours. Missy is fine with other cats, she has always lived with them and has no objections to a dog. M/C 956000006267764

Missy is proudly sponsored by Laura and Michael, cats Mathilda and havenite Pirate.

I want a forever homeCorey
Corey, this poor little cat can’t make any sense out of having ended up in a shelter, abandoned by his family. What did he do wrong? Corey is a cat that craves affection, he is so loving and so little and scared. Please, someone, come and change his world, let him forget that he was at one time unwanted. Corey is gorgeous. M/C 956000006324005

Corey is proudly sponsored by Julie, Kevin, cat Molly and havenite Ninya now Bobbie

I want a forever homeStewy
Stewy is a happy chap always available for a cuddle or two. He is fine with cats and dogs. Stewy was surrendered to the pound, circumstances not known unfortunately. From what I have seen and learnt about this charming cat he will be well suited in a family environment. M/C 982000190620159

Stewy is proudly sponsored by Joo and Ellen, cat Missy Viray

I want a forever homeCornelius
Cornelius in semi longhair tabby is a typical tabby. He loves people, he loves to cuddle, he is fine with his fellow inmates and fine with dogs. I forgot to mention he is also very handsome. M/C 956000006262883

Cornelius is proudly sponsored Julie & David in the USA in memory of Libri.

I want a forever homeTyson
Tyson comes from an industrial estate and was brought to a clinic to be destroyed as a feral. Only the vet noticed he wasn’t much of a feral at all, de-sexed him and sent him Haven way. Tyson is actually very sweet and was most likely dumped by his ‘loving’ owners so his only way of surviving was to seek out where someone was feeding cats. More often that not, these dumped cats don’t do very well at all but I guess Tyson was lucky. Tyson gets along well with cats and dogs. M/C 956000004888195

Tyson is proudly sponsored by Caryn, cats Nushka and Jaffa in memory of Chelli

I want a forever homeHugo
Hugo, this big long haired cat has fallen very ill with a fungus infection for which he is undergoing treatment. Treatment that will last for 6 months. Hugo himself doesn’t mind much, he has a warm bed, a very full belly, his own veterinarian in Dr Darren and a shelter operator that adores him plus vollies that offer cuddles and pats as much as they find time for. Hugo is lapping it all up but can for obvious reason not be put up for adoption just yet. The cat is kid and dog friendly and a big bundle of hair and joy. Hugo has not yet been chipped as we will wait with this till he feels better.

Hugo is proudly sponsored by Rebecca in loving memory of Coco and Bruiser

I want a forever homeNora
Nora was deserted by her owner in her time of need but maybe this was all for the best. This little girl in all black is so affectionate and she is young. She would be perfect as a family cat and think of it, black cat hairs don’t show up on your clothes as much as other colours in these days when so many of us dress in black. M/C 956000005404631

Nora is proudly sponsored by Deirdre as a birthday gift to Laura Wood

I want a forever homeSeymour
Seymour, that’s where he comes from. He is a nice lad but he doesn’t like other boy cats at all. He would be best suited on a farm with all sorts of animals, humans and the odd girl cat. Any offers? M/C 956000006228161

Seymour is proudly sponsored by Claire Smith, cats Poppet, Morris, Zach & Myfanwy from WA.

I want a forever homeMorris
Morris doesn’t know what hit him. He lost everything in a flash like most of my cats have only Morris doesn’t cope as well as the others with shelter life. Morris is always available for a pat and a kind word but he doesn’t mingle and I don’t think he will for a long time unless someone comes and offers him a place of his own where he again can be free, be a cat. My heart aches for these lost sould. M/S 956000006217570

Morris is proudly sponsored by Emma, in memory of Zona

I want a forever homeCrier
Crier is a handsome lad with a smokey black coat. He was surrendered because his owner couldn’t look after him and gran already had too many cats and couldn’t help him so the next best thing was the Haven. Crier has not lived up to his name yet but I have been told he is very talkative once he is feeling safe and loved. Crier is used to dogs and cats and he is such a darling boy. M/C 982000123144949

Crier is proudly sponsored by Alexandra in memory of Fizz

I want a forever homeAlice
Alice came from the pound without a tattoo in her ear presumed de-sexed but we don’t presume here. Alice was opened up, sterilisation confirmed and I am so glad I opted for a body check and not a blood test as Alice was found to have a hernia which may have gone un detected otherwise. Alice needs to be an only cat, she is sweet but other cats no and she would suit an older owner, no kids here.956000004888195

Alice is proudly sponsored by Melissa, and cats Moulin, Teddy and havenites Slinky and Hannah

I want a forever homeHolger
Holger, this handsome tabby boy often hangs out with the other guys in his enclosure. Holger is a former hoarder cat so has always had other felines around him. He is very affectionate and would love to try on that couch he has heard other cats talking about. His former life was outside with a fallen down shed for shelter in bad weather. Maybe someone would like to show him how comfortably life can be as a loved and cherished cat. Holger is more than happy to let one of his relatives to move with him and they can have a ball together. M/C 956000004351923

Holger is proudly sponsored by Lisa and Adam

I want a forever homeHannes
Hannes, tabby, says everything. Tabby cats are so special and so people orientated and Hannes once he has overcome his shyness will be no exception. Hannes is dog friendly. M/C 956000006215814

Hannes is proudly sponsored by Jo and Bree

I want a forever homeBaxter
Baxter, this handsome cat was surrendered to the pound because he was too loud. Yes, he talks but talk back and you have a conversation going. Baxter is super affectionate and when he gets attention he loves to cuddle. Baxter is also FIV+ which means twice yearly vet visits, worming and vaccinations up to date, inside home and the internet is full of excellent articles about FIV cats and their care, they are rather normal cats and very, very sweet, they don’t have aids, they have tested positive to the virus only. Baxter lived with another female cats, also surrendered, and Kitty tested negative. Kitty has since been re homed. M/C 956000000964454

Baxter is proudly sponsored by Mat and Phil, havenites Brandon and Ginger Meggs

I want a forever homeMimmy
Mimmy was born in the streets, she has never known a home and she is shy. These shy cats once they overcome their shyness becomes very devoted to their owner but it can take time. A lot of understanding and patience need to be put in place. Mimmy is very used to dogs but not kids and she needs a mature owner that is willing to give her a chance. M/C 956000005587956

Mimmy is proudly sponsored by Tim and Leanne, their two cats Jessie and Bear.

I want a forever homeJimmy
Jimmy, also a street cat, he is so shy and afraid of the human touch but still he sits there and watches when food is put on the table. Jimmy is very used to dogs and other cats. Someone big hearted may want to take him on, the rewards will be immense. M/C 956000005584983

Jimmy is proudly sponsored by Brioni and Hannan, in memory of Dee Dee

I want a forever homeJohns
Johns abandoned to fend for himself. Well, that doesn’t work very well for the cat. Johns had the sense of looking up a family that was willing to feed him but they couldn’t keep him so it was the pound for Johns and then the Haven. Johns is a tad timid with new people but spend time with him and he loves a pat and a rumble in his chest can be heard. Johns is dog friendly. M/C 956000006261039

Johns is proudly sponsored by Karen and Kevin, ex havenites Bibi and Fox (ex Lou and Louella) and in memory of Tigger Jazz, Bear and Babe

I want a forever homeRadar
Radar, look at this boy! He is so good looking but he is not quite sure about humans. In time he will relax and realise not all humans are bad. My heart aches for these cats, they lose everything, their world turns upside down, the only thing I can do is to look after them, assure them that better times are ahead and may it be so for Radar. What did he do to deserve this? M/C 956000005399758

Radar is proudly sponsored by Marco in memory of her mother Teresa and his brother Erik

I want a forever homeTobias
Tobias is a handsome young man. All his brothers have found homes but Tobias linger. Tobias is dog and cat friendly but maybe not for younger kids. Anyone wants to give this young man a chance before he grows old as a shelter cat? M/C 956000004888280

Tobias is proudly sponsored by Meredith

I want a forever homeDenis
Denis, big boy in grey. Denis is not too keen on his fellow cats, he thinks with his looks he is a bit above them all. Denis responds so well to gentle handling and he will be the outmost lap cat given a chance. M/C 956000006329013

Denis is proudly sponsored by Annelise and Hans, cat Bindi

I want a forever homeDave
Dave has probably been on his own for quite some time and know what, abandoned cats don’t survive all that well at all. Dave had fleas, ear mites, acne and was generally skinny upon arrival. Then he arrived to a soft, warm bed, food as much as he would like and life wasn’t so bad after all. Dave is affectionate, never saying no to some cuddle time. M/C 95600006231774

Dale is proudly sponsored by Dario and Sally

I want a forever homeRuben
Ruben is shell shocked. He had a home, someone put a collar on him but didn’t love him enough to keep him. Please, when you are getting rid of your cats, take the collars off. Cats and collars do not go together and for a cat that has to try to survive by hunting, a collar can be deadly as the cat may get hooked on a protruding item or get his jaw or leg caught in it. Dogs and foxes will find a collared cat easy prey as well. Comiong back to Ruben he is a sweet soul and the sooner I can get him into a home so much the better before he gives up. M/C 956000006238618

Ruben is proudly sponsored by Heidi and Havenite Lara/Marli.

I want a forever homeSpike
Spike, one wonders what happened to him? Spike is only really a baby, good at purring but he is not quite sure about us humans. He is in flight mood but a short time spent with a caring, considerate person will change all this. Little Spike has it all otherwise and I think he could benefit from another more confident cat. M/C 956000009515106

Spike is proudly sponsored by Michele and cats Marlow and Eliot.

Gareth has now had enough of shelter life. He is handsome, he gets on with other cats and dogs and all he wants is a house with toys and food, a loving human or more and he will be only too happy to share your bed at night, purring away. But, there is always a but, gareth is timid, he will hide to begin with but if you have the patience he is the one.
Is this too much to ask from a little chap that was surrendered as a tiny kitten and has seen all his siblings and pen mates carried off to futures as loved family members? Why not him? M/C 956000002565417.

Gareth is proudly sponsored by Hollie, her cats Smudge and Biscuit, rabbits Sasha and Twix.

I want a forever homeKurt
Kurt, a very handsome FIV positive boy. He is so affectionate and cuddly and so hard to resist when he approaches for a cuddle. FIV positive cats carry the virus and their immune system is compromised. Hence good care, twice yearly veterinary visits, worming and vaccinations up to date. Inside home with or without an enclosure as all cats should enjoy and Bob’s your uncle. Inform yourself about the virus, take the stigma out of it and come and adopt one of these wonderful people orientated cats. M/C 956000004880069

Kurt is proudly sponsored by Sharyn, in memory of Flynn.

I want a forever homeLeila
Leila is a black beauty, she will not come and smooch around your legs, you will have to go to her, convince her that she is wanted and change her world around for something better. Make her believe in humans again. Leila lost all she believed to be hers and she is sad, very sad. M/C 956000004876162

Leila is proudly sponsored by Tanya Dellaportas

I want a forever homeWesley
Wesley, no way would this cat has passed a temperament test coming directly from the pound, into a strange veterinary clinic, being prodded and poked. I took him anyway. He swore at me for the first whole week but I could see that under all that bad language and attitude was a cuddle pot galore and I was right. He is the most affectionate big boofy cat around and he deserves a home where he can maintain his figure, he likes his food, this cat, almost as much as he loves cuddles.

M/C 956000005381241 Wesley is proudly sponsored by Tamara and all her work mates.

Adopt a senior catSensational Seniors
I have a number of Senior Cats, all beautiful and affectionate. I also know it takes a special kind of person to take one of these golden oldies in, "they are not value for money" as one woman coldly expressed it. But I disagree - they are more valuable and special than anyone could imagine. There is no price on the love a senior rescue cat will give you. And some people have the gift of giving, thinking of an older pet as something to treasure and only wanting to make these last years on earth happy and fulfilled for a senior that has been cruelly abandoned when they needed their owners the most and as I say over and over it is not quantity that counts but quality. These cats have so much to give, they are so grateful for a warm spot to sleep in, good food and to sit on a lap being cuddled, it will be Paradise on earth and you can be the giver.

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