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Ingrid's Haven is a non-profit cat shelter in Victoria, just north of Melbourne. Ingrid has many cats and kittens available for adoption ... most of them rescued from death row at the pound, taken in by Ingrid until new loving homes can be found. All cats and kittens are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated. Ingrid's Haven doesn't accept surrenders from the general public (see the policy below). The Haven is a no-kill shelter.

This website is maintained by a vollie


This website is dedicated to all the wonderful people who understand how important it is to adopt a rescue pet ... and to the memory of all the animals that didn’t make it out of the pound. 


Too many people take a pet only to dump it when they have grown tired of it or when it has become an inconvenience. I am committed to helping these unfortunate animals to find a new caring, forever home and save them. All of my cats stay with me until a permanent home can be found ... no matter how long it takes.


At the moment, I have a large number of adult cats as well as kittens looking for new homes. Click here to see cats looking for homes.


Ingrid's Haven is a non-profit venture. We raise funds via the online madeit shop, Goodwill's Wines, Pet Expos, sponsorships and general donations. Seeing that all animals placed by me have been de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed, de-flead and micro-chipped, there is a need to charge a small fee for all pets adopted. Adults cats are $150, kittens under six months $250. These prices are to cover the basic veterinary fees.


Click here to learn how you can help Ingrid's Haven.

Ingrid's policy on surrenders

Ingrid's Haven's policy is to take cats from death row at the pound. Unfortunately, Ingrid's Haven does not take in animals from individuals. I have limited resources, and as much as I would dearly love to rescue every cat, it is impossible. Ingrid's Haven is self-funded and is essentially a one-woman operation. There has to be a limit on the number of cats taken in, partly due to council regulations, and also because too many cats would mean they would all suffer if overcrowded.

If you need to rehome your cat there are several sites on the web that take free listings.

If you have a cat you are trying to rehome, it is also advisable to advertise at vet clinics and in the local paper. Also talk to your vet, who may be able to offer suggestions. 

About this website

This site was designed by Annie Basile. Annie - a passionate supporter of rescue animals - has looked after the Haven's site since 2005 and is one of the original vollies, although she's based in Sydney. Ingrid and Annie met online when Annie was working for a now defunct pet rescue site called Catmatch. The pair hit it off, although it would be many years before they would meet face-to-face. When they finally did, it was a wonderful experience, and Ingrid became 'godmother' to Annie's rescue dogs.

Thank you to VectorEzy for the icon used on the Cats' for Adoption gallery.

Where is the Haven?
Ingrid's Haven is based in Sunday Creek (see map), just south of Broadford. It is an easy drive along the Hume Freeway. The traffic here is usually quite light and it will take just over 30 minutes from the Ring Road entry on to the Hume. From there, you do not have to pass a single traffic light!The countryside at Ingrid's Haven is stunningly beautiful and has abundant wildlife. Ingrid works closely with the local rangers and vet clinics and receive cats that are likely to find new homes direct from them. I do not accept animals direct from owners as it is the owners’ responsibility to look after them and finding them new homes when no longer wanted.

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