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While Ingrid's Haven is the work of one woman, Ingrid couldn't have done it without the support of so many of you that care about homeless pets. Below is a list of people that have supported the Haven through general sponsorships, some of which were designated to go to the Haven in general, while some were designated to go specifically to seniors or the special needs FIV cats in the Philedelphia Enclosure.

If you would like to help support the Haven, or you would like to sponsor a specific cat, please contact Ingrid. Your help is always deeply appreciated!

  • Ben and Heidi - all the way from Munich, Germany

  • Michaela Lobb

  • Ms Irena Sosinsk, in memory of Dizzy

  • Una, Martyn, Steven and Liz of Wandong and all their dogs and cats

  • Lisa, Sammy, Dexter and former Havenites Julian and Nellie

  • Kirsten and Myfanwy, and cats Juliette and Felix, and in memory of Charlotte

  • Jenni of Lalor

  • Melanie and Dave, cats Gomez and former Havenites Soraya, Kajsa and Alfred  

  • Simone and her cat

  • In Memory of Vin, a very much loved stray cat that came to stay for a short while. RIP Vin Vin

  • Olivia and cat Lucy  

  • Theresa, Ash in memory of former Havenite Kendall Parkes of Fairfield, Vic 

  • Lee Taylor and all her cats

  • Alison and former Havenites TommyTomTom,  Archie and Barney, in memory of Buffy, Brixton and Olive

  • Helen, and cats Gretel and Monty - in loving memory of brother Rowlland, mother Voula and father Nicholas, and the departed cats Will, Sooty, Sugar, Tabasco, Vyvyan, Snowie-Bowie, Li'l Stranger, Mavraki, Lo-Lo, and Patch and her babies

  • Anita and Ian and all their cats

  • Lee, dog Rosie and former Havenites Jespah, Brindy and Tia

  • Cathy, Chris, cat Monty and former havenite Phantom  

  • Carolyn Bryars & Stephen Standley, cats Don & Dee for the FIV cats

  • Jacqui, Myia, pets Linc, Whiskers, Kimbo, Des, Magda and the Havenites Spunky and Brenda

  • Jenny and Bruce, cats Ruby and Clancy in memory of White, Jade and Harry

  • Alison, and cats Alan and Eunice and Haveite Darren

  • Jenny, cats Charlie, Zoe and Havenites Sophie, Sean, Toby, Boy Madonna,  Audrey, Bear, Beatrice and Marion

  • Robyn and former Havenite Misty Blue in memory of Wussie

  • Sue, Ian, Alec, James and Havenites Fred and Ginger

  • Delwyn and cat Sabrina

  • Karen and Matt, havenites Oliver and Lily

  • Anna  

  • Sue and Havenite Annie

  • Lina, Annette, Alyssa, cats Spot, Skinny and Fluff

  • Christina, Mun-Yee & Skyler Meow

  •  Evelyn and Laurent, havenites Lola and Misha

  • Jane and her cat Pippin

  • Anthony at the Cat Motel in Brunswick

  • Mavis Rogers of Frankston



  • Beth, Brad and former Havenite Batman

  • Venesa, Phil and former Havenite Sue/Meeka

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