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Older & loving it

One common misconception about adult and senior cats seeking homes is that they've got "something wrong" with them. But this is rarely the case! Through no fault of their own, older cats find themselves homeless for a number of reasons: perhaps their humans have become ill, or have moved into a residence that doesn't allow pets. A relationship break-up can leave a cat homeless, as can a variety of other life circumstances. 

But adult and senior felines have a lot going for them and make fantastic companions.

You can't really accurately predict the temperament of a kitten, but with an older feline, all has been revealed. You won't have to worry about litter training, and the older cat doesn't need the same intense amount of care and supervision that a young feline demands.

If you have specific needs – like a cat that's child-friendly, or an indoors-only feline – it's not that difficult to find an older moggie who's had the exactly right experience for the job. You may need a cat that enjoys the company of other cats, or one that is content to share life with a dog. You may prefer a feline with independent nature, or perhaps the classic lap-cat is more your style. Again, you can find an adult or senior cat to fit the bill.

There are other advantages to adopting a grown-up cat – for example, initial expenses will be less, especially if the cat is already desexed. But perhaps the greatest advantage of all is the 'feel good factor'. You'll feel great about bringing an adult or senior moggie into your home. 
Annette Basile

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