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Tortoiseshell and white cat

es a cuddle

Indi, 14-10-15, was surrendered to a veterinary clinic for inappropriate weeing. Why no suggestions was made to the owner to have her checked out, I have no idea. So the clinic called me and here she is. It was very clear from the beginning that the cat is in the early stages of kidney failure and with the appropriate food, Royal Canin Renal, Indi hasn't put a paw wrong. Indie had been on a cheap dry food diet without drinking enough which has caused her condition. When the kidneys don't get flushed out, this is what happens in most cats. Skip the dry food, people, remember cats are carnivores and dry food is carbohydrates which only makes them fat anyway. Dry food does not clean their teeth, raw chicken necks and Greenies do. Dry food can be given in very, very small amounts scattered on the floor or in a puzzle toy but never ever as their main meal. To make sure a cat gets enough fluids, add some water to the wet food. Slow transition might be needed in the beginning. Indi absolutely loves a cuddle and will often ask for one, two, three or more.


MC 956000004417996



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