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Black cat

A Virgo

Isis, 23/11/20, was initially named after the goddess but gosh, was I proven wrong. Do NOT touch me is her motto but as a stable cat she will be fine. We sometimes don't know how many generations of free living cats are behind some of the cats that come here. Isis had four beautiful kittens upon arrival and they all turned out fine and have been adopted as affectionate companions. Isis stood her ground though, must be a Virgo as she is as stubborn as one. I only want to mention one thing, cats are better 'pest' controllers than poison. Poison kills 2nd hand so any other animal that eats a poisoned rodent will also die and this includes owls, kookaburras, hawks, snakes etc. Maybe something to think about when we blame the felines for killing all out wildlife.  


MC 956000015799002

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